Friday 12 February 2016

Finance Fridays – How to Deal with Unwanted Presents

Now we're well into February we've all got our houses spick and span after the madness of Christmas – right? I suspect not in many cases. Having a January declutter of all the old clothes that no longer fit and the toys that are broken is easy to do. What is hard is wondering what to do with those presents which are brand new and in perfect working order but you simply don't want. The two copies of the same book , the Blu-Ray disc when you only have a DVD Player or yet another scarf and gloves set. Of course it's not just at Christmas that you receive unwanted gifts. How many of us with children have a stack of unwanted crafts sets or character toy that is now so last year? For some great ideas of what to with your unwanted presents have a look these ideas and infographic in collaboration with the Money Advice Service.

“So, you still have that pile of unwanted Christmas presents at the end of your bed or in the spare room, and you simply cannot bear to look at them any more.

We know the feeling. So what now? As this infographic shows, there are actually a number of things you can do with these ‘presents’ that will not only de-clutter your space, but also help pursue your ‘money saving’ New Year’s Resolution.

Whichever road you choose to take chances are it can save you a little money! By starting on the right foot with disposing of your unwanted presents, and then making the most of the expert financial advice you can find on sites such as the Money Advice Service, there is no reason that saving money should have to be at the top of your resolution list for 2017 too!”

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  1. We have been known to sell on a few unwanted Christmas presents or pass on to Charity. It is so tricky! x

  2. We had some great presents (and my daughter's birthday is on Christmas Day) but we certainly need a declutter!

  3. I am all for regifting or even selling them!

  4. Some good tips there. I either regift or pass onto the charity shop.

  5. We have some presents from years back that didn't get used much. I need to dig out all our old stuff and work out whether we could get a few bob for it!

  6. We do not have relatives here so we never do end up with loads of unwanted presents. I have come to the point now where I also tell clearly to Alex what I want or wish for, so I don't end up with things I cannot use.xx

  7. When we lived in Denmark even the grown ups have wish lists there for Christmas and birthdays, saves so much in terms of wasted money and unwanted gifts etc.! :D

  8. I used to ebay them but now I donate them to the school or hospital as raffle prizes

  9. I have so much stuff to get rid of. Not necessarily unwanted presents but still need to get shot! I'm going to add doing car boots to your list ;) x


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