Wednesday 3 February 2016

How to incorporate 2016's garden trends in your home

Since we got our allotment back in November we've been champing at the bit to get things really started. I keep looking at seed packets to see when we can start sowing for the coming year. Our plans for the allotment follow a very traditional path with all the soft fruits and vegetables that currently we have to buy. Now we are in February we can finally look towards a summer full of plants.

It's not all about the allotment though. In our back garden there are some bushes which I cut back last year which I think I may take out altogether this year. Now we have an allotment I can think more about the flowers in the garden rather than concentrating on the produce. We've never had much colour in the garden except for the annual pots on the patio. So it's a time for fresh ideas and a chance to try some different. If you fancy bringing in the new in your garden this year take some tips from today's guest post.

“If you're a traditional gardener, you might be happy planting your favourite flowers in the same plant pots you've had for years, but if you're a little more experimental, you're probably keeping an eye out for the latest garden trends – and you won't be short of an idea. The world of preening and pruning is quite literally exploding with a range of exciting design concepts and with companies like Ashridge Nurseries supplying an incredibly versatile range of garden produce you'll be able to pick and choose exactly what you want to grow. So, with this in mind here's how to incorporate 2016's trends into your home.

Look around and you'll see that the urban green revolution is taking hold of most towns and cities with previously abandoned surfaces being revived by green graffiti (otherwise known as moss graffiti). Artists everywhere are quite literally making their own adhesive moss-based solutions which they are using to paint tags on derelict buildings, walls and other urban sites. The idea is that with a bit of water, the moss will grow outwards creating a living masterpiece.

While technically a form of vandalism and therefore illegal, green graffiti has inspired more and more individuals and businesses to spruce up their environments by creating their very own green wall – such as that found in Westminster City Hall. The trend is continuing into the home, with gardeners everywhere using trellises to promote vertical gardening – and you could do the same too. Simply choose an empty wall or fenced area and encourage plants such as ivy, grasses and ferns to grow upwards. It can take a bit of time to achieve the desired results as many large-scale green walls are built and manufactured by professionals but it’s still worth a shot.

Moreover, more and more people are taking green walls inside. Plants can either be grown on free-standing structures and moved to a desired spot inside your property or are grown independently via a tray system and later put on the wall.

Introduce bright colours
As gardeners wake up from a long, cold winter another trend is taking the green-fingered scene by storm and that is bright, vivid colours – think eye-catching gerbera or dianthus planted in drifts rather than dotted around the beds. This instant splash of colour is sure to brighten up any outside space, so don’t be afraid to experiment with loud, cheerful colours and welcome the warmer months in style. Don't have a garden? Then fear not as the urban green revolution has also encouraged home owners everywhere to plant in pots, hanging baskets or grow bags. There's no reason why you can't have a pot or two of brightly coloured plants inside the house too, so don't let a lack of space put you off.

Romance with roses
Femininity is the key for spring/summer 2016 and what better way to add elegance, beauty and class to your garden than by planting roses? Not only do they smell great, they're instantly eye-catching with the Lady of the Lake set to be a big hit for the months ahead. The fragrance is less overpowering than some other types of rose yet the flower is equally as beautiful. Roses can instantly improve the curb appeal of your property – great news if you’re trying to sell up and move on, but also look delightful planted along walkways or near seating areas both indoors and out.

The New Year really is an exciting time for gardeners, so how about introducing some of the above trends into your home?”


  1. If you look up and down our street, every garden has simple gravel stones in their front garden except ours. I love the idea of "the urban green revolution" being a thing, and maybe that I can even be part of that!

    As far as green grafitti goes, would it be illegal for me to plant rogue sunflower seeds all around the local wasteland? Might brighten things up a bit :)

    Lovely post.

  2. You're so lucky to have an allotment, I'd absolutely love one for growing our own fruit and veg. I love the fact that roses are a key trend for gardens this year, they're so pretty in every colour.

  3. oh I wish I was more green fingered but other than the odd bunch of flowers bought from the supermarket thats about as far as I go

  4. I'm so not green fingered! My in laws come over to work in our garden because they know we won't do it. I love having a bunch of flowers in the kitchen window though x


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