Thursday 4 February 2016

Bathroom Inspiration

When you first buy a house you usually write up a list of things you want to do to the house. Basic decoration is usually first with paint or wallpaper going up. From there it goes to carpets and flooring and window dressings.

We did a few big projects in the couple of years after we moved in. The stable door, which blocked out all light and views to the garden, has been replaced with patio door. Now we can see our garden from the dining room and most importantly for me the birds!

Inside we took out another door which blocked light from our dark living. To brighten the room we replaced it a pair of French doors. This also means the living and dining room can be opened up when required or closed off to keep the warmth in and noise of the washing machine out!
Upstairs over the years we have swapped the rooms around and the reason for this is why plans and projects come to a stop – the kids! We've decorated, laid carpets and made curtains once, twice and thrice over! Of course when you're busy shifting furniture from room to room other things get put on the back burner and from that we go to the bathroom...
Dare I say or fact whisper it but the bathroom suite is grey. I think it must be the original fittings from when the house was built 30 years ago. Yes, it's dreadfully unfashionable but the reason it has stayed is that it is perfectly functional. The walls and floor are fully tiled all the way round and none of them are cracked. The grey and green combination though is quite dark and this is a small space with a frosted window for privacy. When searching for bathroom ideas I've read that in small spaces you should of course steer clear of dark colours but not to make the mistake of using bright colours. No fuchsia pink then!

One of the schemes I like the look of is a light stone colour. I'm not overly keen on all white bathrooms especially as I have a daughter who competes in very muddy cross-country runs! So to take the harshness out of the white it would be nice to mix it up with some warmth. Wherever I travel I'm always on the lookout for new inspiration like at this cottage in Seahouses we've stayed in.

What would your dream bathroom look like? Are you a bright and white person or more natural and mellow?

This is a collaborative post.


  1. I live in a rented flat and the bathroom tiles are dark green. Definitely not my idea of a good choice! I prefer light colours.

  2. I swapped my kids bedroom around for the same reason I have been thinking of getting a new bathroom suit the problem is the bathroom is small its so hard to make many changes

  3. I wanted to change from our champagne boring bathroom upstairs, and changed the suite to white. At the same time the plumber moved the plumbing to the outside wall of the house instead of the inside. We've got blue aquasheeting instead of tiles for some colour, but the rest is pretty much white. It's been a bit of a disaster though, because toilets nowadays are much more slimline including pipes etc, and that means ours can't even have loo roll down it because it blocks. I think it's because we're on a cess pit but it's a pain in the backside when it worked fine with the old toilet. I wish we'd never changed it now. (we do have 2 toilets downstairs so at least we can still use those!)

  4. I really need to overhaul my bathroom, it is so so awful and I hope one day I will have saved enough to do it x

  5. our bathroom is black and white. i love our bathroom except the floor tiles they are a charcoal grey and look hideous

  6. These look like amazing ideas, our bathroom is quite dark unfortunately as we have no window in there!

  7. I prefer the lighter stone look too. Lots of light too. It needs a bath - I couldn't live with just a shower!


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