Sunday 5 April 2015

Sunday Snap - The Mill

Considering the amount of rain that has fallen on these parts in the past week it was quite appropriate that I started the week with a photograph of a waterfall. This stunning cascade is perhaps the best known waterfall in the Lake District and goes by the name of

Aira Force

Top of geography class this week are Erica and Ryan who both got the correct answer.

From Cumbria it's back to Yorkshire this week for a photograph of a mill. Although it is not used for its original function as a textile factory it remains a thriving hub of modern industry as an art gallery, retail outlet plus restaurants and cafés. The entire village in which it is located was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. The village was the creation of the 19th century industrialist Sir Titus Salt. Rather than having his workers living in the nearby slums he decided he would build somewhere which accommodated all their needs from decent housing to hospitals and schools plus leisure facilities such as a library, concert hall and gymnasium. So this week's question is

Where is this mill located?

Joining us last was Betty and some stunning photographs of gannets in New Zealand. Merlinda also linked up with a shot of another far-flung location – this one was of the view across Manila.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. This is an amazing view! Love how they made it quirky and artsy with its new function =)

  2. What a stunning building! If only more Victorian business men had thought about their workers.

  3. It's Saltaire Village near Bradford, I believe - presumably named after Sir Titus Salt, after reading your intro? :)

  4. Is that Saltire or Salts mill?

  5. What a lovely looking place - the building looks amazing.

  6. What an amazing building with a history to match, I am guessing Salts Mill x

  7. what a beautiful and proud standing building.

  8. That's a lovely looking building. I am so glad that it has being used instead of just sitting derelict.

  9. I have no idea where the mill is, I am sorry :-(

  10. What a stunning building - somewhere in Yorkshire?

  11. I do believe that is Saltaire - not a bad pick from Australia!!

    Nice image.

    Herons and goldfish / Koi Carp are not a good mix!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. I'm sure I got last week's right too? No idea on this week's though. I generally know very little about places further north than Birmingham! lol. Thanks for linking up to #CheckOutThatView I look forward to hearing where this was!

  13. Ok I googled it. It's in Saltaire! I love these old Mills, I'd love to go back in time and see them in their full working glory


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