Wednesday 15 April 2015

Sitting duck

I spotted this drake mallard while we were walking back from a Sunday afternoon stroll this weekend. For many people in the UK mallards will be the most recognizable duck they know. This is due in part to them being the commonest duck in the UK and one that can be found throughout the country at all times of the year.

What caught my eye initially about this mallard was the fact that he was very happy to be sat on a high wall. The location of this wall was nowhere near any water source but divided a small municipal garden and a supermarket car park. It is through this type of adaptability that has allowed them to thrive. This particular spot had obviously been chosen by the mallard for one purpose – being nosey! Any movement be it man, machine or other bird necessitated a stretch of the neck and a look around.

Another thing that was noticeable about this scene was the lack of any quacking. Nowhere in sight was any female mallards. Perhaps he was just trying to get a few moments peace! Drake mallards though are known for their liking of the ladies even if they are of another species. In fact their pursuit of females at times could be described as bullying and vicious.

I was able get right up close to the mallard. From the photograph you can see he seemed quite aloof. In the grey of a day filled with rain his green feathered head didn't have its usual iridescent qualities. Apart from its head the other feature a mallard is known for it is its speculum. Most are more of a bright blue colour but this one is most definitely purple.

Most people probably wouldn't give a mallard a second glance but if you have the chance take some time to watch their behaviour; you may just be a little surprised.
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  1. He does look very serene and like you say, a bit nosey!

    Thank you for linking up this lovely duck to #AnimalTales

  2. Cute shot of the Mallard.. It has a bird's eye view on everything.. Have a happy day!

  3. Mallards can be very pretty birds, a much under rated duck :)

  4. Resting...perhaps you are right, he needed some alone time! Great photo!

  5. Yes I agree, Mallards are always worth watching.

  6. I never tire of mallards. They're so pretty. What a beautiful part of the country you live in. Thanks for stopping in at my post on Durham Cathedral.

  7. They are a cracking looking bird - I wonder how far people would travel to see them if they were rare?

    We have them here as an introduced species.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. Great photo, maybe he was feeling a bit snooty and fancied looking down on everyone?!

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx


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