Thursday 30 April 2015

Our Favourite Places

One of the reasons this blog is called JibberJabberUK is due to our love of travelling around the UK. From North to South we cover a fair few miles each year. We're constantly on the search for new sights and experiences but we still like to go back to some of our old favourites. Here's some of the places we love to go to.
It's rare that a year goes by without a visit to Northumberland. It's a massive county where at times you can really feel you are in the wilderness. I love the coastline and the miles of sandy beaches. Forget crowded beaches there is plenty of room for everyone wherever you want to pitch up for the day.
From the far north of England we go down to the Isle of Wight. I've always maintained that this ancient isle known to the Romans as Vectis is like England in an island. Perhaps the only thing it doesn't have are motorways and who really misses them?
From the far south we go up to the gateway to the south-west that is Bristol. A hub for artists, creatives and bohemians the streets and walls are filled with street art including those of the famous but elusive Banksy.
To help us on our journeys we always look for the best deals. Travelling around doesn't cheap but with a bit of planning some valuable pennies and pounds can be saved. One of the best sites that can help is From hotels to food plus all those extra little bits you need like clothes and electronics there's a voucher that could help you out.

Where are your favourite places in the UK? Do you use voucher sites?

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