Sunday 7 February 2016

Sunday Snap – Chinese New Year

We were in the north east of England for last week's Sunday Snap. I gave you a shot of a ruined priory with a castle in the distance. I asked what island it was situated on and the answer was

Lindisfarne or Holy Island

Getting the right answer was Cheryl, Louise, Cass, Sam, Kizzy, Jen and Susan.

For this week we're celebrating the start of this year's Chinese New Year which starts tomorrow. Last year we took a trip down to London's Chinatown for Chinese New Year but this year we're off one of the other four in England. Originally the area formed part of a monastery in the Grainger Town area but in 1949 a Chinese restaurant opened in one of the streets. Over the years more and more restaurants opened and soon the surrounding streets had a number of Chinese restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses in them. This arch marks the entrance at the north end of the Chinatown and is opposite the city's Premier League football ground, St. James' Park. It was officially opened in 2005 and in line with Chinese culture the height of the first level ridge is 8.88m – 8 being considered lucky in China. Just behind the arch you can see some of the old city walls and this stretch of brickwork is the longest continuous section still standing. This week's question is  

Which city is this Chinatown in?

We were joined lasted week by Jack and Noah who have been having a welly lot of fun in the snow and rain. Over in Australia Snoskred has been snaking her way through the Botanical Gardens. Getting painted up at the carnival was Cheryl's son. Feeling happy and blue at the beach was Sarah. Having a hug was Susan's eldest and youngest. It was all in the eye for Kelly. I got rather over excited by Sam's ghost sign. Finally, Kara had a party fit for four princesses.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I am not sure where this is. I have seen a similar sign in London, but not anywhere else. I love the colours x

  2. It's the city of my birth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  3. I had no idea there were other China towns in the Uk, I've been enlightened! Thanks, Mich x

  4. I don't know this one. Love the arches, I've seen them in Liverpool and Manchester. We went to the Chinese New Year celebrations a couple of years back, I wish we had gone this year too.

  5. I don't know this week, but I love the colours of Chinatown, so inviting.

  6. Ha ha you're making it easy for me as it's another one close to where I live - it's in Newcastle x x

  7. I only know of the Chinatown in London - love it there!

  8. Oh this is about an hour or so from me, this is Newcastle

  9. I have been to Chinatown in Liverpool but not been to this one love the elaborate archway in the picture :) x


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