Thursday 18 February 2016

Designing Your Dream Garden Is Easier Then You Think

At this time of year most people's gardens will look pretty miserable. Battered throughout the winter by frost, wind and rain it can be hard to imagine what a beautiful space it could be. With the days getting longer it's time to think about the gardening year ahead. Whether you have large garden with lawn and borders or a small patio space there's plenty of opportunity to plan an area you'll be wanting to spend hours in come the warmer weather. If you're lacking in inspiration or can't see past the long grass and weeds take a long at today's guest post.

“Do you sit and look out at your garden disheartened because it isn't the dream space you have always wished for? If so, why isn't it? Designing your dream garden is actually much easier than you may think, so what are you waiting for? Start working on it today and your garden will be the envy of your neighbours in no time at all! Here's how to do it:

Take your time
Don't run straight out into the garden and start digging at the ground and hacking away at trees and bushes! The most important thing to do is take you time. Rushing it won't result in the garden of your dreams; actually it could only result in more work and an outdoor space that doesn't look at all how you imagined it! Before you do anything, take the time to think it through carefully and decide exactly how you want it to look.

Research it
The first thing to do is research – search the web, read blogs, watch YouTube tutorials, read tips and tricks from the gardening experts. You will discover which plants are best for which season, which will attract wildlife, how to look after them, where to start with planning, what tools you will need for which jobs and so on.

Plan it
Start by writing a list of what you want in it – plants, features and so on. Perhaps, for example, due to the height, colourfulness and beauty of them, you have always wanted a garden full of skyscraper lilies – then add them to the list!

Next draw a plan – you don't need to be an artist to do this, it will just give you an idea of where everything will go. Visualising something is the first step to actually achieving it!

Once it is down on paper you may see that some things are better placed elsewhere – all you have to do is change the drawing, not your garden. Plus, you don't want to run out of space for things you really need or want, such as a seating area or a pond, perhaps.

Finally, make a list of all the things you need to purchase in order to actually create it – plants, tools, furniture, water features, garden ornaments, etc.

Call in the experts
If you are green fingered, much of it you will be able to do yourself. However, there may be some aspects where you need a little help, perhaps if you want to add paving or decking! For these areas you may want to call in the expert, or a favour from a friend.

Although you may be able to do many aspects of creating the garden yourself, you may also want to talk to an expert before you start – just to get their advice and have them look over your plans.

Remember gardens do and can change
But remember, your garden will and can change over time – so make sure you factor this in to both the planning and creation of the garden.

It's as easy as that! Now you know you may wonder why you waited so long to turn a neglected space into the garden of your dreams.”

Have you got an outdoor space you would like redesign? What's your perfect style of garden?


  1. I wish I was gifted in horticulture. I have seen some beautiful gardens and I would love one myself but I barely remember to cut the grass. Might have to get the experts in.

  2. We'd have to call the landscapers in, would have fun researching it though! Our garden is a mess and we really want to get it pristine for summer X thanks for the tips

  3. I am about the least green fingered person in the world! My father in law comes round as soon as it warms up and cuts the lawns for me! Don't get me wrong I love to spend time outside in the garden in summer, I just don't like to actually have to put any work into it lol. I wish I did have that interest as i have a pretty nice decent sized garden. x

  4. I would love a nice garden, my son is a landscape gardener but doesn't do mine unfortunately. Some fab tips though x

  5. oh I so need some tips as mine really needs revamping for summer for sure

  6. It is definitely a lot easier than I thought. When I was living in care it was a joint effort and I would weed the garden and help dig.

  7. There's simply nothing as rewarding as doing some good work in the garden. You're so right about planning being key. I can't wait for my garden to defrost so I can start the work in spring! :)

  8. I'd love to create a lovely little garden/home and grow some veggies and have a few cute looking features.

  9. I have designed my dream garden but sadly its too costly to do :0(

  10. I've recently written a post about my dream garden in shabby chic style. Our current garden is lovely in the summer but so gloomy in winter as it's covered in pebbles.

  11. Oooh I am attempting to do this this summer! But don't want to spend very much- great tips!

  12. I would love a garden to design, I do envy everyone who has a garden x

  13. I wish we had a garden, I always feel bad that E doesn't have a garden to run around in. Although she does have plenty of toys on the balcony and we live on a massive green. x


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