Sunday 14 February 2016

Sunday Snap – Castle on the Rock

We were celebrating Chinese New Year for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked in which city the arch marking the start of the China Town was and the answer was

Newcastle upon Tyne

A special Gong Xi Fa Cai goes to Gill, Cass,and Jen for getting the correct answer.

For this week we're off to visit the castle built on the rock. The actual castle was demolished in 1651 after the execution of Charles I in 1649. King Charles had used this city as a location to rally his troops before the start of the Civil War. Prior to that the castle played host to number of Kings including Richard III, before he ended up underneath a 20th century car park, King David II of Scotland, after being captured and sent to the Tower of London, and it was sieged by Richard the Lionheart in the 12th century. Its connection to Richard the Lionheart has also given rise to the legend of a medieval outlaw who was constantly being sort by the city's Sheriff.

What you see today is the Ducal Palace built by Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle after the restoration of Charles II. The city came to conflict again in 1831 with the Reform Act Riots. The result of the riots was Palace was burnt down by the rioters and left as a shell. For over 40 years the building was left to rot before it was given to the city's corporation. The building was remodelled and since then has been open to the public as an art gallery and museum. This week's question is

Which castle is this?

We were joined lasted week by Susan and her little girl all ready and waiting. Jack and Noah had had enough of the rain. There was a single red rose for Kelly. Also out and about castle spotting was Sam. Over in New Zealand Betty has been exploring the rock formations along the Hokianga Harbor. Finally, getting abstract was Sue.

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Sunday Snap

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I'll share my favourites with you next week and remember I do like a bit of a tale to go with a photo but it's not a necessity!


  1. Nottingham? Looks like a great place to explore :)

  2. You'll never guess, I've actually been here. It's Nottingham Castle. It's a wonderful place to visit & really interesting. I'm fascinated by castles. Xx

  3. Oh I have no idea where it is but it looks fascinating. How on earth did they build it?

  4. No idea again but I do enjoy this series as you open my eyes to so many new places. Micn x

  5. I live so close but we've never been! Its Nottingham Castle

  6. It is not the same castle as my pic for this week and I have no idea but it is very pretty

  7. I have no idea where the castle but it looks really pretty and I would love to visit it.

  8. I have no idea with this one althougj I'd definitely like to visit x x

  9. The place looks so nice, definitely going on my list of castles to see!

    Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  10. it's Nottingham fantastic place to visit

  11. That does look amazing - we should take a visit it isn't that far.

  12. Beautiful,we are hoping to visit Nottingham this year and will make sure the castle is on our list!xx

  13. Nottingham castle! It is a very modern castle but has some great exhibits and actives on and also a brilliant beer festival in October! x


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