Monday 1 February 2016

How to Get Organised in 2016

Ho to Get Organised in 2016
For some years now I have been saying there is no point in many New Year's resolutions and trying to start everything afresh on 1st January. The month of January is a miserable one with the house looking bare from the Christmas decorations coming down but yet still seem messy from all the extra stuff that has come into the house. You say the diet is going to start but you find yourself surrounded by tins of chocolates and boxes of biscuits. So February is the month to start getting your life organised. The days are starting to get longer and lighter. All around green shoots are appearing out of the ground and on trees. There can't be a better day to start getting your life organised than 1st February! If you want to kickstart your life in 2016 take in some tips from today's guest post.

“When we entered 2016 many of us will have made plans for the forthcoming year. But according to the Metro, data gathered by Thomas Cook revealed that one in ten of us can't even stick to our resolutions for a day, and almost half don’t make it past January! Getting organised is one of the most common pledges that people make, whether it's in their personal lives or at work. Below are some simple ways to get yourself into gear ready for a new year:

Use the rule of three at work
Rather than setting yourself an exhaustive to-do list when you arrive in the office on a Monday morning, fast forward to the end of the day and ask yourself, ‘what three things will I want to have accomplished by the end of the day?’ Write them down and centre your day on these tasks. You'll find the list easier to manage and realise just how organised you can be.

Declutter your home
A fresh new year calls for a fresh home. Start by de-cluttering all the rooms within your home, right from the kitchen cabinets to those drawers under the bed. Whether it's clothes, furniture, furnishings or paperwork, bin items that you no longer use and if you need to make more room, make use of other storage locations. Give every room a deep clean and if they need it, a lick of paint.

Get your finances in order
Improved finances are also another common New Year's resolution. Look at what you spend on bills, groceries, rent or mortgage, and how you can reduce it. If your aim is to increase your savings, set yourself financial targets for the next year. If you have multiple accounts, be sure to set up a spreadsheet that will help you stay more organised and keep on top of everything. There are also plenty of apps that will help you.

Concentrate on your health
According to The Guardian, a recent Bupa poll revealed that health is the main priority for those committing to a change in the New Year, with 35% of respondents wanting to lose weight, 33% wishing to get fitter and 31% wanting to eat more healthily. If you're looking to get your health in order, assess your current weight, diet and lifestyle. What can you change and do differently? Setting yourself a target at the start of the year is a good way to focus and stay organised.

Get a diary and a calendar – and use them!
If you're one of those who gets a diary or a calendar each year for Christmas but never actually uses it, this is your year to break habits! Make sure you take your diary everywhere with you and fill it in with everything from meetings and lunch dates to birthdays and holidays. Also make use of your home calendar, marking it with significant dates; hang it somewhere in the house where you won’t miss it such as the kitchen or hallway.”

Do you make New Year's resolutions but struggle to keep them? Have you got things in your life and house that you need to get organized?


  1. Great tips for organizing our to-do-list!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciative work!!

  2. Some great tips! I really need to get on top of everything in my life.

  3. I must admit I'm one of those that try to get things started in January and wonder why they never work! Like you said the house looks different without the Christmas decorations up, but yet every room has new items and the kitchen is over run with food products! I've started to make list as one of my organising skills and so far its going good! Best of luck with your organising xx

  4. I need to use my paper diary and not my phone, and I always a to do list which lists everything I need to do x

  5. Yes to a diary and calendar....wouldn't be too far away from either of mine. I'm rather forgetful!

  6. some fantastic tips and many I use myself I need to be organised with 6 kids

  7. Sound advice! February does seem a lot better and more positive. I like the idea of 3. Hoping to see I can get it going this month x

  8. Some great tips especially the rule of three, I must try this


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