Sunday 31 May 2015

Sunday Snap – The Coronation Stone

A Cathedral in the heart of Yorkshire was the subject of last week's Sunday Snap. With its weekly market and nearby racecourse the town on the River Ure was


The correct answer was given by Erica, Sam, Jen, Laura, and Cass. I do love it when so many of you get it right!

Onto this week's photograph of some railings surrounding a lump of stone. Now the stone used for the coronation of Kings and Queens of Great Britain is the Stone of Scone but this stone pictured was reputedly used when crowning seven Saxon kings. There is good evidence that Athelstan and Ethelred the Unready were crowned here in 925 and 979 respectively and also claims that five other kings from the 10th century were given their coronation in the town.

The stone itself has a slightly more dubious history. Some historians state the kings were crowned in the Market Place whilst others say it was in a nearby church. This church collapsed in1730 and out of the ruins came this stone, It was declared the ancient coronation stone but at first was used rather unceremoniously as a mounting block for horses. In 1850 it was decided that the stone needed to be conserved and it was put on a plinth with the names of the seven kings added around it with the railings protecting the structure. As it was placed in the middle of the road and with the advent of motorised traffic the stone was in danger again. Once the new council offices were opened nearby in 1935 it was moved safely away from the traffic into the council enclosure where it has remained since. This week's question is

Where is the Coronation Stone located?

We were joined last week by Cheryl with some reflections of the band from their instruments. Sam was in search of books by the seaside and a rather fine shop sign.

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  1. Gutted I was wrong last week lol!!! No idea this time :S

  2. Yeay I got one right ;-)

    No idea this week though I'm afraid!

  3. I am going to guess and say Kingston for this :o)

  4. Well done to everyone who guessed this, I wouldn't have had a clue. I do love Drakes fish and chip shop in Ripon, we were there this week yum x

  5. What a gorgeous picture! Going to guess Kingston

  6. I have to admit I have no idea, what a great picture though :) X

  7. I am clueless but I love the photograph! Good luck all who guessed!

  8. What an interesting landmark! I have no idea where it is though!

  9. No clue great snap , I love a mystery

  10. I have no idea but would love to see this landmark

  11. I have no idea this week. I only knew last weeks as it was close to home!

  12. Yippeeeeeee I know one, I actually know one!! I've been there! It's Kingston-upon-Thames :)

  13. Oh I have to go and see this, you find such great places that I love as a history nerd :) I didn't know where it was, so thank you I've learnt something this evening.

  14. I have not got a clue! nice photo though. Kaz x


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