Monday 30 July 2018


It's always exciting going through a delivery of new foodie goodies. My latest find is the condiment and preserves producer Tracklements. They are based in Wiltshire and get that homemade taste by making in small batches. It was all started off in 1970 by William Tullberg with the development of the UK's first wholegrain mustard based on a 17th century recipe. From then the brand has grown and now boasts of over 60 items. Today the company is still in family hands with William's son Guy heading up the company. 

I can't say I have been in full-blown creative cooking mode recently due to the extreme heat. However, we have been opting for lighter meals instead. I did a bit of fridge raid and found a green/orange pepper, one carrot and an onion. I combined this with some pork loin steaks that I cut up and then stir fried the lot. Just before serving I stirred in a spoonful of the Spiced Honey Mustard. It does have quite a kick to it but Mr JibberJabber liked it so much he added some more to his dinner.
Another night we had a simple supper of sausages and salad. To jazz things up a bit Master JibberJabber and I had the Proper Tomato Ketchup with it. It's a lovely thick and rich ketchup which for once does actually taste of tomatoes.
With his sausages Mr JibberJabber opted for the Original Onion Marmalade. Again, Tracklements were the first company in the UK to sell this product. They have based their recipe on one found in a recipe book from the 17th century. At first you could mistake it for thick cut orange marmalade! It is thickly set with chunky pieces of onion sticking out of it. It has a delicious tang to it and the perfect lazy accompaniment to plain sausages.
Some of the other items we have got to try are the Sticky Pickle Bruschettini and the Gooseberry Fruit Cheese. Obviously the Bruschettini will be used on some toasted crusty bread then cheese added on top. The Gooseberry Fruit Cheese is designed to be paired with strong cheese but I think it is going to go really well with some mackerel.

One last thing to note. As spotted by Rosie when she saw the picture on Instagram all the products are in glass jars. No plastic here! I shall be reusing them myself first but if you can't do that then they are easily recyclable.

I was sent the Tracklements products for review purposes.

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