Thursday 26 July 2018

Renishaw Hall Gardens in July 2018

renishaw hall gardens july 2018
The weather hasn't been kind to gardens this year. Plants have been flowering weeks before they usually do and others are looking distinctly parched. It's been a struggle trying to manage our own small patches both at home and the allotment but large public gardens are another matter.
The highlight of August at Renishaw Hall is the display of hydrangeas but they are already out. These are in a shady spot but the heat in the air has brought them along.
I probably take the same shot of this blue lacecap hydrangea this year but it is such a perfect specimen I think it is worth it.
Talking of blue...the delphiniums are the most magnificent shade of cobalt blue.
The sun has been so hot that the plants are even being watered during the day.
There's still enough for the fountain to be in full flight. The grass around it could do with a bit of water but when it does eventually rain it will soon recover.
I don't know if it is the extreme temperatures have had something to with it but all the water lilies I have seen this year have looked so healthy.
I was worried there wouldn't be any roses left to see but there were still plenty about.
Along the herbaceous borders the plants are at their fullest with the planting structured so it goes up in steps. This year's colours are delicate lilacs and pinks with pops of deep purple.
Despite the heat the White Garden is full of seasonal frothiness.
The sun may be too hot for many of us but the bees are loving the bright yellow! It's always a joy to see bees in a garden and planting which has been designed to attract them. It has certainly enticed a number of other visitors to the garden as well.

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