Sunday 17 June 2018

Sunday Snap – The Royal Kirk

royal kirk crathie
We were in Scotland at a castle built by Queen Victoria and still used by the Queen today for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked what its name is and the answer is


Queens of the castle with the right answer were Susan, Lisa, Soma, Anne and Kara.

We're not straying far for this week's Sunday Snap as this little church is just down the drive from Balmoral Castle. When the Queen and her family are staying at Balmoral it is here, at Crathie Kirk, that they go to worship on a Sunday. Although the Queen is the head and Supreme Governor of the Church of England Crathie Kirk is part of the Church of Scotland and therefore does not form part of the Anglican Communion. 

It was Queen Victoria that started the tradition of worshipping at Crathie Kirk in 1848 and the successive monarchs have followed suit. It seemed she always preferred the shorter and simpler services of the Church of Scotland to the High Church services of the Church of England which at the time resembled that of the Roman Catholic church. It was a contentious decision at the time which was made worse by the fact it was found out that Victoria had taken communion there in 1873. Victoria stated that as Queen of Scotland she could worship wherever she wanted to. Her favourite personal servant John Brown was buried in the churchyard at Crathie in 1883. Above everything Victoria was a very practical woman and Crathie Kirk was only a short distance from Balmoral and the closest church to the castle.

In 1992 the Queen's only daughter, Princess Anne, decided to get remarried in this church as at the time the Church of England did not permit divorcees to remarry. This week's question is

Who did Princess Anne marry at Crathie Kirk in 1992?

We were joined last week by Susan and a football festival. Lisa has been making 25th wedding anniversary cards. Sara has been sharing some of her favourite things such as orange trousers and a great blue heron. We found out the process of painting the Oxford skyline from Soma. Anne visited the Wildlife Conservation Park in Birmingham. More wildlife for Kara in the form of a magnificent bald eagle. In New Zealand Betty found it was feeding time at the sty. Finally, Jesh has been painting in the scorching heat of Utah.

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Sunday Snap

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