Friday 8 June 2018

Finance Fridays – Driving down the cost of motoring

We were trying to protect ourselves from identity theft for last week's Sunday Snap. This week we are looking at the rising cost of fuel in the UK. It seems every time I go past the local petrol stations recently the price of both petrol and diesel has gone up another penny. Motoring organisation The RAC has said that in May 2018 the price of fuel has increased more than in the previous 18 years it has been monitoring prices. This has been down to a combination of rising oil prices and poor dollar to pound exchange rates. There's not much we can do the price going up but we can try to keep our motoring costs down.

Drive less – If you can cut out short journeys. Either walk or put off your journey for another day. Instead of driving to the supermarket regularly for lots of small shops do it all in one go.

Drive better – Reduce fuel consumption by emptying your car of any unnecessary items. A lighter car will use less fuel. If you drive around with roof bars or boxes on even when not in use then remove them as the drag they cause uses more fuel. When driving drive smoothly and try not to accelerate quickly when moving off or braking quickly.

Car share – You may not be able to team up with Peter Kay but you might find other colleagues at work who live near you. You could work out a system of who drives to benefit both of you for example, two days on and two days off.

Look at public transport – Buses and trams in particular can be very good value if you buy a monthly or weekly ticket. There's also the benefit of being able to read, watch or even have a cheeky nap while you are travelling.

Shop around – From one town to another I have noticed fuel prices at the same retailers can differ by up to 4p per litre. When you are out and about keep an eye out on prices and top up when you can.

Be loyal – If you keep needing to put fuel in your car try to get something back. Buy from retailers who offer a loyalty card scheme and pay with a credit or debit card with a rewards programme.

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Finance Fridays

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