Wednesday 20 June 2018

5 Ways to Prevent Allergies in Your Home

June for me is one of the worst months of the year. This is because it is the time of year that my hayfever flares up. Instead of hoping for sunny days I am scanning weather forecasts for when it is going to rain. This year the weather has been exceptional and there has even been talk of a 'pollen bomb' covering the UK for up to three weeks. Even while I am writing this my eyes are itching and nose is running!

Hayfever is just one allergy that has become very common in recent years. All around our homes there are things which are making us ill. A few changes could make a huge difference to our lives. For some top tips on preventing allergies in our homes have a look at today's guest post.

"In a busy family home, allergies can quickly become the bane of your life. Whether it's you or your little ones, sneezing and stuffiness is rife at this time of year. Luckily, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to protect you and your family from allergies.

1. Be Wary of Houseplants

Whilst having plants in your home is without doubt aesthetically pleasing, they could be causing your allergies to flare up. Whilst during the winter they're a nice addition to your home, as the weather warms up into spring and summer it's time to move them outside. The pollen count in certain plants can cause problems for those with hay fever. To keep allergies at bay, try to avoid the plants in this list. You also need to be careful of over-watering plants, as this can lead to mould. If you're tempted to switch the real plants for fake substitutes, you may want to reconsider – fake plants are notorious for collecting dust.

2. Keep Pets out of the Bedrooms 

If you've got a family dog or cat, you and your kids might allow them to sleep next to you. It's important to get out of this habit –even if it makes you a little unpopular for a while. Even for those who aren't highly allergic, the fur, dried skin and saliva can cause sniffles and coughs. Try to give your pet their own space for sleeping, and make sure to clean this area regularly. Most dog beds will simply fit into the washing machine, and it's good practice to do this every 2 weeks or so.

3. Protect Your Bed 

As well as keeping pets away from where you rest your head, there are extra steps you should be taking to stop the spread of allergens in your bedroom. After all, you're spending prolonged periods of time there. Maybe not as much time as you'd like, but a good amount nonetheless. Most people believe they should clean their bedding every two weeks. However, if you're serious about keeping the allergies at bay, then you should consider washing them once a week. Even a clean in hot water will help to kill bacteria and reaction-causing allergens.

4. Leave Shoes at the Door 

When you leave your shoes on, you're dragging in all of the toxins, allergens and pollutants from the outside into your home. Get into the habit of thoroughly wiping your shoes on a mat when you get home, and leave them somewhere separate to the rest of the house. This can be a porch, garage or even a side cupboard. If you have family members who are highly allergic to certain things, such as pollen, you might want to consider leaving jackets and coats in a separate area as well.

5. Keep Your Flooring Clean

As many people are already aware, carpets can be a breeding ground for dust and dirt. The close fibres can trap allergens and create problems all year round. If you've got hardwood floors, you will have a much easier time keeping symptoms at bay. If you are stuck with carpets, make sure you hoover weekly and give them a thorough clean once every month or so. Professional carpet cleaners will do the best job, but you can always follow an online tutorial, as hiring in the professionals every time can become a little costly."

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