Sunday 11 June 2017

Sunday Snap – The Outlaw

We paid a trip to the Lace Market for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked which East Midlands city it is in and the answer is


Threading the needle with the right answer were Kara and Anne.

For this week we are staying in Nottingham with an outlaw associated with Nottingham and the surrounding area. The bronze statue dates from 1951 and was made by sculptor James Woodford and depicts the highly skilled archer. It stands by the wall underneath Nottingham Castle. This was once home to the Sheriff of Nottingham and the location of the final showdown between the pair of them. During his many battles with the Sheriff of Nottingham he escaped from and broke into the castle many times. The legend of this outlaw has continued in popularity throughout the centuries. Tales of his acts with his merry band of men and romance with Maid Marian have entertained people through books, television series and films.

Who is the Nottinghamshire outlaw?

We were joined last week by Susan and an amazing orange sunset. Kara's crew have space hopper racing and watching owls in flight. At the arcade Anne and family were making the most of their money. In France Cheryl has been to the cliffs at Cap Blanc Nez. Back home again in the US Sue has been commemorating Memorial Day.

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Sunday Snap
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  1. I'm about 99% sure this is Robin Hood. I've seen this statue as we went to Nottingham 3 years in a row for our holidays x

  2. It's Robin Hood! We have a very similar photo but with three kids posing with the statue. We really have to go back to Nottingham Castle, the kids had so much fun.

  3. Robin Hood Robin Hood riding through the glen
    Robin Hood Robin Hood with his band of men ! :)

  4. Robin Hood - was actually going to write the song but Cheryl beat me to it :)

  5. I will agree w/ Robin Hood since everyone else said it, but I probably would not have thought of it on my own. :) Thank you for the link party.


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