Tuesday 20 June 2017

Griddle and Shake – Nottingham

If you've been following Sunday Snap recently you will have noticed that we've been to Nottingham. After visiting the National Justice Museum it was lunchtime and we had no plans where to go to so we decided to walk into the city centre and see what we could find. After walking through the Lace Market my eye was caught by a big sign in a window offering a burger, fries and a drink for £5.95 during lunchtimes Monday to Wednesday. We were in!

Once inside we discovered that the restaurant was called Griddle and Shake. We were shown to a table and given a menu to look through with Master JibberJabber receiving the children's menu. Despite the lunch offer being boldly advertised across the front window no mention of it was made by the waiter and there was nothing on the menu about it. Mr JibberJabber did have to double check that the offer was on and what exactly we could have. Thankfully for everyone concerned the offer was being served – I have been known to walk out of places before!
If you are a bit indecisive the amount of choice of burgers, toppings and sides could well be a bit overwhelming. There are four types of burger – beef, Tempeh, pulled pork and chicken. All of these are gluten free and there is a choice of a gluten free bun plus classic seeded, brioche, and pretzel. There's a selection of toppings you have to pay extra for such as cheese and bacon but there is a long list of free options.

The vegetarian and vegan burger option is a Tempeh burger. 'What's a Tempeh burger?' I hear you ask? You probably won't have heard of it as it is the world's first place to serve one. It's soy based, seasoned and then formed into a burger. I do like vegetarian burgers but I prefer ones which are vegetable based so I decided to give it a miss.
My order was the beef burger with sliced avocado on top. I love avocado but nobody else in the house does so I rarely have it. For a side I went for the option of sweet potato fries which was included at no extra cost.
Miss JibberJabber took full advantage of seeing one of her favourite things on the toppings list and opted for peanut butter (I'm sure Elvis would have approved). She was also able to add lettuce and tomato to it for no extra charge. Her choice of chips was the standard skin on fries. You can tell a burger joint is a bit more upmarket than your normal offering when the standard fries are skin-on ones!

All of our meals were delicious. It was a nice change to be able to have sweet potato fries and boy there were a lot of them! Mr JibberJabber had the chicken burger and he was halfway to demolishing it before I could take a photo of it! For a lunchtime deal I was absolutely stuffed afterwards. At £5.95 it was an absolute bargain for the quality and quantity of the meal provided.

I know that presentation is everything nowadays but I was slightly annoyed about the disposable paper that was across the oblong plate. What a waste it is for these to be made, put on every plate and then throw away after just one use. I don't understand why they didn't opt for a plate design that could be shown off on its own just like the enamel bowls the fries were served in. On the plus side the drinks are provided in Vegware, not plastic, and are fully compostable.
We were sat in the front of the restaurant which had natural light coming in from the large windows overlooking the road. At the back is a large space with a life size orange cow! I'm glad we sat in the front section as although is a smaller space it felt much nicer and more open. The two sections don't quite seem to link together. I'm not sure what used to be in this unit but there are a flight of steps that used to be a back entrance. As I walked past the baby changing room the door was open and I noticed it had a shower in it for some reason.

I can't finish without mentioning the 'Shake' part of the restaurant. They also specialise in customisable milk shakes available in dairy and dairy-free versions. You can opt for any of the flavours to be mixed together into a shake but looking at the flavours I wouldn't personally go for more than two!

We visited Griddle and Shake on our own accord and paid for everything ourselves.

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