Thursday 29 June 2017

Elmton Gardens

Since we first visited Elmton Gardens when they open for the National Garden Scheme the event has turned into a whole village festival across the weekend. At first there was just three gardens open but now this has expanded to five each with very different styles.

We started at Pear Tree Cottage. The Junior JabberJibbers loved going round on the trail. They had to find out which of the ornaments on the list wasn't in the garden. They found the frog sitting happily by the water feature.
The allium heads in the border were some of the biggest I have ever seen. They add so much structure and interest to a garden long after they have flowered.
The bees were also loving this border with its attractive bright purple flowers.

Across the road is Ash Lea and a new garden for this year. They have five greenhouses and the garden is watered through the use of 21 water butts! Last year all 21 ran dry which shows the importance of a good water supply in a large garden.

One of the standout features is the large dedicated soft fruit cage. It is open topped but surrounded by apple trees. Inside there are strawberry beds, raspberry canes and currants. Next to this is the greenhouse which houses the grape vine. The grapes had been successfully harvested in the previous year to make wine.
Next door is Elmwood House. This was a new garden last year and it was nice to see how much of the planting has filled out. I do like the vintage agricultural plough but it is now in danger of being swallowed up by the plants! This garden overlooks acres of farmland so the little connection is a nice touch.
Wilmots is guarded by the black labrador Jodie but is as welcoming as Jodie herself. There are roses bouncing in the wind and glass baubles hanging in the trees. Round the side the old vegetable patch has been cleared and a new one laid out. It was looking very smart and productive.
We ended our garden visiting at Pinfold. This is a delightful time of year to visit this garden as it is full of roses, lupins and flowering heucheras.
The bees were busy in their work and I am interested to see if they produce any honey. There's certainly enough flowers in the village for them to gather nectar.
The village festival also takes in the annual well dressing. This year one of the designs has been made in memory of one of the former designers who has died. Her faithful ginger cat has also been honoured as where there was one there were two.

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