Sunday 9 October 2016

Sunday Snap – The Public School

We paid a visit to the Queen's weekend residence for last week's Sunday Snap. Sadly she wasn't in but I did ask where it was and the answer is

Windsor Castle

Flying the flag this week with the right answer were Cheryl, Anne, Susan, Angela, Nikki, Erica, Cass and Jen.

From Windsor we make the short journey over the River Thames. The school in the photograph is perhaps the most famous school in the world. It was founded in 1440 by Henry VI and was originally designed to give free education to the poor boys of the local area before going on to King's College, Cambridge. The school was known for its admission's policy of having to put one's son's name down at birth in the hope of gaining a place many years later. This practice was officially stopped in 2002.

Current school fees are £12,354 per term and the school year is split into three terms. Historically the school year was divided into two with holidays only at Christmas, when the pupils remained at the school, and in the summer. As such the terms were known as 'halves'. Although the year was split into three terms in the 18th century they are still referred to as halves.

The school has an impressive alumni with prime ministers, politicians, royalty from around the world, members of the nobility, writers, actors, sportsmen and well-known businessmen. Famous names include Princes William and Harry, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Eddie Redmayne, Bear Grylls, Sir Matthew Pinsent and the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. This week's question is

Which school is this?

Joining us last week was Jack and Noah posing as silhouettes at sunset. Cheryl was having fun at the agricultural fair. There was a blast from the past from Anne with a photograph of when she was a child. Finally, Susan has been enjoying a weekend in Blackpool.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Judging by the alumni, I'd say it's Eton but I've never seen it - it looks like a prison. I was expecting vast open fields for playing rugby and polo !

  2. The only name I could think of is Eton. Those prices though :O

  3. I was thinking Eton by your description then I see a few similar guesses in the comments so I'm going with Eton!

  4. The only 'posh' school like this that I can think of is Eton but it doesn't look like what I expected it to if it is x

  5. No idea but it looks like a grand building :) x


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