Thursday 21 July 2016

Renishaw Hall Gardens in July

Since I was busy all last weekend at the Barlborough Gardens NGS opening I sent the JibberJabber crew down to see how Renishaw Hall Gardens is looking at the moment. Apparently it was quite a tough task involving running around, going down the woodland trail and then eating brownies in the café afterwards.
I've been waiting for the hydrangeas to come out all year and it looks like in the next couple of weeks they will be showing their best display. I can't wait to see myself what varieties they have and the different colours on show.
Despite the extreme wet weather this year the hostas seem to have survived the slug and snail invasion.
It's also nice to see such greenery in the trees and grass. Renishaw can get quite busy at times with coach parties and gardening club visits but there's always a quiet spot to be found.
One of the great sights and smells of the English summer is lavender. You certainly couldn't miss the colour of this lavender.
The roses look like they have recovered from the battering they received back in June from the rain storms and of course the Hall itself makes a fabulous backdrop.

The kids have now broken up from school for the summer holidays so we are looking forward to popping down to Renishaw together in the coming weeks. What gardens are on your summer visiting list?

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