Sunday 31 July 2016

Sunday Snap – Over Lendal Bridge

We were looking at the house in which a famous female author died in for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked who had died in this house in Winchester and the answer is

Jane Austen

Penning the the right answer were Cheryl, Jen, Michelle, Erica and Cass.

This week we crossed over Lendal Bridge. Despite the age of the ancient city walls surrounding the bridge Lendal Bridge is actually quite modern in comparison. It was finally completed and opened in 1863. This was after the original design for the bridge collapsed during it was being built in 1861 with the loss of five lives. Before the bridge was built a ferry service was in place to get people from side of the River Ouse to the other. When the bridge was built the ferryman was put out of business and given £15 in compensation plus a horse and cart. Originally a toll was charged for crossing the bridge but this was abolished in 1894. The two toll houses on each side of the river are now cafés.

Along this iron bridge are several emblems and motifs with both national and local significance – the three lions of England, the initials V and A for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and a white rose. There is also the crossed keys of the local diocese; the Minster for which can be seen in the distance.

Which city is Lendal Bridge in?

We were joined last week by Susan and some bubble blowing fun at Blackpool. Sophie has had an eye on the architecture. Keeping guard was Cheryl. School's out for Jack and Noah who have been enjoying their summer holidays. In Wales Kelly has been enjoying the delights of Newport Castle in the summer. Finally, Betty has been going through her archive of fabulous New Zealand shots.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. It's York - one of our favourite places!

  2. York - I went there on a rag trip in my uni days but we spent more time in the pubs than checking out the architecture which was a real waste !

  3. I like it when you do photos from near where I live - this is York x x

  4. I have no idea I am afraid

  5. I have no idea, but am now guessing York??

  6. Sorry I am late replying, I was away for the weekend. What a beautiful place. I have no idea where it is xx

  7. No clue either, but it looks very picturesque x


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