Sunday 6 March 2016

Sunday Snap – The Council Car Park

We took a trip to Haworth in West Yorkshire for last week's Sunday Snap and a parsonage that was once filled with a famous literary family. I asked which family used to live there and the answer was

The Brontë sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Anne.

Writing down the right answer last week were Susan, Emma, Liz, Clare, Erica, Cass, and Kizzy.

Over the past 81 Sunday Snaps I've featured some beautiful locations the length and breath of the UK. For this week though we pay a visit to a council car park in the East Midlands. In the 15th century this spot of land housed the Greyfriars Friary Church – named after the grey clothing worn by the friars. Along with most religious institutions of its nature it was dissolved by Henry VIII and later demolished. What was known was that a king of England was buried at Greyfriars Friary after being killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

Over the years a rumour surfaced that the body was moved and reburied by the Bow Bridge which goes over the city's River Soare. However, without any firm proof it was still thought that the king's body remained in his original grave under the now flattened Friary. The original site of the Friary was built over including one building which housed offices of Leicestershire County Council. When the new County Hall was opened in 1965 Leicester City Council moved their Social Services department into it. For many years the search for the king's body was abandoned as it was thought the grave site had been built upon but in 1975 a new research paper claimed that the burial site was actually under the staff car park of the council offices. Finally in 2012 excavations began and several bodies were found one of which had died from terrible head injuries and had a curvature of the spine – thus matching historical accounts. Further DNA tests showed this was the body of the king they were looking for. The small building in the car park now houses the site of the original grave. This week's question is

Which King was found buried in the car park?

We were joined last week by proud mum Jo and her son's first Tae Kwon Do grading. Jack and Noah have been strutting their stuff down the hall catwalk and have been out and about during half term. All eyes were on Susan's daughter. Kelly had captured a magnificent skyscape. The fog in Emma's photograph was hiding part of the Nurburg Castle. Sue has been highlighting the work of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Over in New Zealand Betty has been exploring the boulders of Moeraki. Finally, in Guernsey Kara's boys were on the run down the sea wall.

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  1. Yay, I got it right. I was so excited! Was it King Richard III? X

  2. I'm going to go with Richar III, he's the only one I know of found under a car park!! :)

  3. Wasn't it Richard III? I did start reading thinking "how can you make a council car park sound interesting".....

  4. ooh i'm not si good with the history but this is a fun challenge! x

  5. Amazing, who would have thought that under a nasty looking concrete car park laid the remains of a former ruler of England? Mich x

  6. Ih this is King Richard III, the one that all the arguments about where he should be laid to rest went on about

  7. Richard III I believe :0)


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