Sunday 13 March 2016

Sunday Snap – The Bargate

The Bargate

For last week's Sunday Snap we had a view of a council car park. However this is the car park that a king of England was found buried under! I asked which king this was and the answer was

Richard III

Getting parked in a perfect position with the right answer were Susan, Nichola, Stephen, Jen and Kara.

Last week Mr JibberJabberUK and I took a trip down memory lane and visited our old university city. In the 19 years since we were students there many things have changed but there's still a lot that still looks the way it was in 1997. Still standing is the medieval Bargate which has been a feature of this south coast city since the 12th century. It was originally designed to be one of the gateways into the city but the upper rooms over the years have been used as a guildhall and a prison.

Somewhat amazingly this now Grade I listed has faced demolition three times in the last 117 years. As the city has grown and got busier the arches in the Bargate have proved problematic for both vehicles and the trams that used to run down this road. In order to remedy this problem the Bargate was separated from the ancient city walls in the 1930s and a road was laid running down the side of it. Today it is used as a museum and exhibition space. This week's question is

What city is the Bargate in?

We were joined last week by Jack and Noah who were celebrating Mother's Day. Joanna has been keeping an eye on the time in Edinburgh. There was fun in the balls for Susan's daughter. Burning the Chelsea candles was Kelly. Kara was loving the beach in winter and keeping an eye on things in the playground. Over in New Zealand Betty has been capturing a panoramic view.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. I think it's Southhampton, but not 100%. Such a lovely building. Have a good week xx

  2. It is Southampton. It is my home city - so much history to it :) x

  3. This Bargate looks magnificent...very nice shot!

  4. Ah! Even without reading the other comments I know this is Southampton! I can tell by the shopping centre next to it!

  5. I've only ever been there once or twice back in my days of being at Uni too (I was at Bournemouth). I think you headed to Southampton. Mich x

  6. I have absolutely no idea this week!

  7. That's Southampton isn't it? I'm in Poole so visit Soton fairly often :)

  8. It must have been lovely to head back to your old university

  9. I cheated this week and assked my other half ;-)

    he tells me Southampton x

  10. We are here a lot as its only half an hour up the road - Southampton :0)


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