Sunday 6 December 2015

Sunday Snap – The London Country Estate

We were in central London for last week's Sunday Snap of a closed tube station. When it was opened in 1907 is was called Stand Station but by the time it closed in 1994 it had another name. I asked what it was renamed as and the answer was


Going underground last week with the right answer was Jen.

For this week we're moving away from central London and into the suburbs. The grand house above is typical of many now in the care of the National Trust but not something you would expect to find in the London Borough of Hounslow. The estate was purchased in the 1560s by financier Sir Thomas Gresham and he built the original house. It survived until 1713 by which time the ownership of the estate was in the hands of Sir Francis Child of Child's Bank. The house was in such a bad state of repair that Child family asked the then fashionable architect Robert Adam to remodel it. At the time the Child family had a house in central London as their primary and this was considered their country villa. Sir Francis left the estate to his brother Robert who in turn left it to his eldest granddaughter Lady Sophia Fane. When she married the 5th Earl of Jersey her husband's family already had other suitable properties for them to use and the property was leased out.

In 1939 the then owner the 9th Earl of Jersey decided to open the house for public viewing as many people had requested to visit it and as he didn't live there he saw no reason against it. It proved a popular decision with around 12,000 people visiting the house in the first month of opening. The money-making scheme was cut short by the Second World War and the grounds were used for the first training of the Local Defence Volunteers which was later known as the Home Guard. Although this school became famous across the world in wartime news reels it was not liked by Winston Churchill and the War Office and it was shut down and relocated in September 1940. After the end of the war the Earl of Jersey was keen to offload the estate and when Middlesex County Council no longer wanted to buy the property he give it to the National Trust in 1949. Today from many parts of the estate you would never think you were so close to the centre of London except for the din of the traffic on the M4 that cuts through the parkland and constant roar of the planes going over from nearby Heathrow. This week's question is

What is the name of the above house?

We were joined last week by Snoskred who has been eyeing up some sparkly Christmas decorations. Over at Jack and Noah's the Christmas tree is up and the Christmas jumpers are on. There's been a trip to Chicago for Sue. Susan's trio met the big guy himself. Kelly has been capturing the last colours of autumn in the leaves. Finally, Kara left us with an amazing rainbow.

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  1. I love finding a new linky to join....very exciting.

  2. It looks familiar so I Googled it. Apparently it is Osterley and some of the 'Horrible Histories' CBBC series was filmed there, amongst other things.

  3. I have no idea. I need to do more research into my architecture history. I do love finding out more ok your linky lovely xx

  4. That's not a house you'd expect to find there for sure and that's so interesting about the closed station. I didn't know about Sunday Snap. Cool linky. Liska xx

  5. I live in London and have never seen this place so I actually haven't got a clue, I will check back next week to see if I have heard of it!

  6. I don't know, but I'm interested to find out!

  7. I've never seen this house before so no idea, I'd love to have a nosy inside though :)

  8. Wow what a grand looking house - I have to admit I don't think I've heard of it before. x

  9. It is a stunning building but sadly I have no idea!

  10. I finally know the answer to a question about London. Its Osterley Park :D
    Whoop Whoop
    Great post hun
    Charlotte x

  11. I have no idea but what a funny looking house, it looks more like a trains station or something!! Looking forward to finding out!

  12. Sounds a bit like Downton Abbey there, I wonder if the producers were inspired by its history? I don't know where it is but it looks very grand.xx

  13. Ahh we love the National Trust! We're in Surrey but I'm pretty sure this is Osterley, one that's on our list to visit when we've done everything in Surrey and Hampshire!

  14. I recognise it but have no idea what it is called. Kaz x

  15. That is one imposing building!


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