Monday 21 December 2015

Christmas Bottled Real Ale Guide 2015

Christmas real ale bottled beer
It's that time of year again! Mr JibberJabber has been on the lookout again for the best in festive bottled beers to get you through the Christmas season. In days gone by Christmas beers used to pack quite a punch with ABV of over 6% but these days brewers are taken a far more sensible approach and have lowered the alcohol content. Let's have a look at what's about this year for those who enjoy a beery brew.

With their reputation for quirky and dark sounding ales Wychwood were never going to release a beer with a picture of jolly looking Santa on it. For those who like to proclaim 'I don't do Christmas' this does in fact have some festive spice and fruit in it.

If you're after something darker this Christmas then have a look out for Sadler's Reigndeer. It's a porter with a rich malt flavour designed as the perfect winter warmer.

I'm not quite sure what a snowman needs to seek revenge for except perhaps global climate change producing very unseasonal warm weather. It has a seasonal reddish chestnut colour with a biscuity finish.

When it comes to Christmas ales some breweries can be guilty of producing a beer in which the only connection to Christmas is in its name and beer label. Black Sheep Brewery though have gone full out with Blitzen. It's a ruby coloured ale made with pale chocolate malt, muscovado sugar and mixed peel for a hint of citrus.

If you're not one for a traditional Christmas style beer but rather fancy a bottle with a suitably festive label to it the Yule Love It! maybe the one for you. With an amber colour it has a biscuit and caramel finish

A Christmas classic from the Lincolnshire brewery. With dried fruit flavours and a spicy aroma it's a beer you'll see being sold every November and December.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite Christmas tipple?

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