Thursday 17 December 2015

Training the raspberries at the allotment

I didn't make it the allotment this weekend as Saturday was a total washout and on Sunday I had to take Master JibberJabber to yet another birthday party. No dancing along to YMCA at this one but it was was held in a church hall that was colder inside than out. So it was left to Mr and Miss JibberJabber to sort out our raspberries which we had bought the week before.
We have decided to put supports up to train them. What we have used is two metal gate posts as they already have the holes in them for tying the wires through.
We've picked out a selection of raspberries which should produce fruit throughout the season from June through to October. The way the weather is going though we could have raspberries in March! As I also have a thing about gold raspberries Mr JibberJabber has also been out to buy a variety called 'All Gold' which now need planting. You can never have enough raspberries!
The other job that was completed this weekend was a visit to the 'poo shop' as Miss JibberJabber has named it. After giving strict instructions about covering the car boot with liners and plastic bags the pair of them went off to get some manure. They borrowed a wheelbarrow to transport all the bags and now the manure is in pile starting to rot down so it can dug into the ground come spring when the big planting phase starts.

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Since most of the major winter work has been done now we did have our inaugural meeting of the JibberJabber Allotment Society (JAS) and the planting scheme was drawn up. Miss JibberJabber designed the plan while Master JibberJabber was in charge of picking out the colours we used but I'm not sure he was thrilled about the number of green vegetables we have chosen to grow. What garden plans have you been making over winter?

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  1. you are such a good planner. and yes, churches are always freezing. merry christmas!

  2. Love the plans, great organisation!

  3. Poo supplies on order here too! And I am still very jealous of your weed free plot! Fancy a bit of weeding in France?

  4. Loving the plans and congrats on the birth of JAS! Approving of the raspberries and rhubarb especially! I am in a bit of an undecided state about whether to grow veggies next year ir do cut flowers in the raised beds here - tough call (high chance I may just hydrangea it all!!!)
    Thanks for joining in again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    Jibber Bells, Jabber Bells, JibJab all the waaaaaay....

  5. how fab the whole family are involved with the allotment, hope the car doesn't smell too much


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