Sunday 15 November 2015

Sunday Snap – The Blitz Cathedral

For last week's Remembrance Sunday Snap we were looking at a war poet who died en route to Gallapoli during the First World War. The statue in a park in Rugby was

Rupert Brooke

Our literary know alls last week were Erica, Cheryl, Rachel, Jen, Kara and Kaz.

For this week we are continuing the war theme but this time it is the Second World War. On the night of 14/15 November 1940 - 75 years today – the German Luftwaffe carried out its most devastating raid on this West Midlands city. At the time the area was hub for factories producing bicycles, cars, aeroplane engines and munitions. The attack was carried out by 515 German bombers with the plan to take out not only the factories but all the essential infrastructure such as the water supply, gas mains, electric supply and telephone system. Any damage to the roads would also make it difficult for fire engines to get the destinations to start putting out any fires. Despite the best efforts of the British air defences only one German bomber was shot down. On this single night not only was this cathedral destroyed but with it more than 4,300 houses, another church, two hospitals, a police station, the Daimler and Humber Hillman factories, nine aircraft factories and two royal naval ordnance stores. In all about two-thirds of the city's buildings, some dating from the 14th century, were damaged or completely destroyed.
On this of all weekends I leave you this picture. In 1962 a new cathedral, built next to the old site, was opened. Since that day it has stood as a symbol of peace, hope and reconciliation. This week's question is

In which city are these cathedrals situated?

We were joined last week by Snoskred and a lovely selection of succulent plants. Kara Janelle found the ducks on the misty water. The dashing duo of Jack and Noah have been out in the woods with their friend. The Halloween sweets proved both a treat and a trick for Cheryl's pair. Someone was having fun in a tub at Susan's. Kara captured the fireworks over the water. In New Zealand Betty found a garden full of flowers and toadstools. Finally, Sue has been exploring the Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary.

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Sunday Snap

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  1. Great photo of old meeting new. My guess is Coventry as I heard that was blitzed in the war. x

  2. Very nice photos. I think it's Coventry :).

  3. Such a brilliant photo and I too would say Coventry but am not 100% sure this week x

  4. I think that it's Coventry too. My Dad lived there as a boy during WWII and his family's house was destroyed by the bombs.

  5. My goodness, 500 planes, that must have been so noisy and scary and the damage immense!xx

  6. I do love coming and checking out these weekly posts as I get introduced to so many places I've not seen before. Mich x

  7. I have no idea where this is but I'd love to visit as my family would love that as a place to visit x

  8. Coventry. I know this as we were talking to the boys about it after listening to something on the radio

  9. I have no idea but it is fascinating

  10. wow i love the fact the new one was built next door .. its striking to see them like that

  11. I have no idea but I do like how you can see them side by side like this.

  12. What an amazing looking place - I love how they've kept it so you can see the damage that was done.


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