Sunday 22 November 2015

Sunday Snap – The Eleanor Cross

We were remembering the 75th anniversary of the Blitz for last week's Sunday Snap with a photograph of a bombed out cathedral and also the new cathedral that was built to replace it. I asked which West Midlands city these cathedral were situated in and the answer was


Putting together their knowledge of history and geography last week to get the right answer were Louise, Helen, Rachel, Gretta and Jen.

We're back in London for this week's photograph. The structure you see above is known as one of the Eleanor Crosses. I know there can be a lot of randomness in my selection of photos but this one has a bit of a family connection. In 1290 the wife of Edward I, Eleanor of Castile died in the village of Harby in Nottinghamshire. My maiden name was Harby and across the churchyards of Nottinghamshire and neighbouring Lincolnshire you will find the graves of my ancestors. When Eleanor died her internal organs except for her heart were removed and buried at nearby Lincoln Cathedral. The rest of her body then started its long journey to Westminster Abbey. The funeral procession took 12 days and at each place they stopped at overnight it was decided a memorial cross would be erected. Just like this location some of places had 'Cross' added to their place name afterwards – Waltham Cross was one of them.

Sadly the Eleanor Cross you see today is not the original. When it was constructed it was placed nearer to Trafalgar Square but during the Civil War Oliver Cromwell ordered its destruction. After the restoration of the monarchy a statue of Charles I was put in its place instead. Traditionally this is the spot that is regarded as the centre of London and where all distances are measured from. When the new station hotel just across the road opened in 1865 the railway owners decided to commission a replica cross. In true Victorian style it is more ornate than the original but to this day serves as an welcome to London train travellers. This week's question is

Outside which London train station does this cross stand?

We were joined last week by Snoskred and a colourful selection of candle holders. It was a case of never mind the weather at Susan's with some puddle splashing. Kelly caught her dog posing for the camera. Over in New Zealand Betty has been working hard to keep her geranium alive. For Kara there was a new regeneration of Doctor Who who seems rather small this time!

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  1. What a beautiful bit of Architecture x

  2. This is a beautiful statue. I'm going with a complete guess of Kings Cross station x

  3. Wow, what a beautiful piece of architecture. In all the times I have visited London I have never seen this, next time I visit I'll make a point of going to see it.

  4. Is it Charing Cross (that is a guess!)? Stunning architecture. xx

  5. I am sure it is Charing Cross, I should know given I live here in London and go to Charing Cross a few times a week x

  6. Ohh one I know, Charing Cross. I was there Saturday and just admiring this, great to learn a little more history. Mich x

  7. I have no idea, guess it is not a station we would normally use

  8. I'm going to go with the majority and say Charing Cross - thanks for sharing some of the history of it x x

  9. Without a doubt Charing Cross, I used to see it almost everyday x

  10. What a stunning monument that is

  11. It is beautiful. I was going to say Kings Cross - but I was there last week and didn't notice it! Kaz x

  12. I have no idea. I'm going to say Euston - what a great monument!

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