Tuesday 24 November 2015

Lego Brick City Tour

There can't be many households where Lego doesn't feature. Its appeal is widespread not just across the UK but also through the ages. Many Lego kits now have recommended age ratings of 16+ due to their complex instructions and constructions. The one feature that is universal about Lego is that it is expensive. From single figures up to big boxes you don't get much bang for your buck these days. When we heard about Brick City was coming to North Nottinghamshire we knew we had to pay a visit and here's the remarkable thing – it's a free exhibition!
If you're wondering how an exhibition featuring Lego could possibly be free it is simply because it is an exhibition that features models made out of Lego rather than one organised by Lego. It is the brainchild of Warren Elsmore who starting building Lego models full-time in 2012. His book Brick City was published in 2013 and this touring exhibition are the real life models in that book. Until the 6th January 2016 Brick City can be found at the Harley Gallery near Worksop in the grounds of Welbeck Abbey and next to the Dukeries Garden Centre.
In all the exhibition features 72 of the models from the Brick City book. When you walk in through the shop you first see the enormous replica model of St. Pancras Station. Not only is the scale and detail impressive but also the amount of figures used; you really get a feel for how busy the station is. There's an eclectic selection of Lego people. Spiderman is on the roof and Harry Potter can be spotted (brandishing his wand in public!) I can only think ComicCon was on somewhere in London on this day. The rest of the models in this room aren't quite as impressive but serve as a reminder just what you can make out of Lego.
It's very easy to think that the exhibition is just one room but make sure you go to the back of the ground floor and also upstairs. There's a room with models made by children at 'The Big Brick Off' events held at the Harley Gallery for local children or 'master builders' to make their own models. Upstairs the Brick City exhibition continues with models of the Olympic Stadium during London 2012, a Hollywood red carpet event and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In all a great way to spend an hour in two marvelling at just what can be made out of Lego. Don't forget to look at some of the unique handmade items in the Harley Gallery's shop as well and the Christmas display in the Dukeries Garden Centre is always worth a visit.
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