Sunday 6 September 2015

Sunday Snap – On the Sands

For last week's Sunday Snap we had a stroll down a London street once famous for being the home of some of the biggest newspapers in the country. It was of course

Fleet Street

Last week's news hounds were Cheryl, Lucy, Susan, Erica, Shaheen, Sam, Nadine, Cass, Kara, Gemma and Charly.

We're moving away from London for this week's Sunday Snap and nearly as far up the English coast line as you can get. I've shared some iconic views and fabulous buildings but this a much more ordinary and plainer scene. From the 1930s onward the artist L.S Lowry spent many holidays in this town. He used his time to here to travel around the town painting scenes such as this beach shelter but also the town hall, views across the harbour plus one of his favourite topics of people at a football match. Overall Lowry made over 30 different paintings or sketches of views of the area. The beach shelter painting was titled 'On the Sands'. In 1999 the shelter was threatened with demolition but the local preservation society stepped in and was able to restore it in 2001. It is in England's most northernmost town. In its early history it changed hands between the English and the Scots before finally becoming part of England. However, for logistical reasons its professional football and rugby union teams play in the Scottish leagues. This week's question is

What town is this beach shelter in?

We were joined last week by Cheryl and a guitar lesson from Grandad. There was sibling love over at Susan's. Kirsty captured a smile and stroke. We had a history lesson on the American Civil War from Sue. From Julie a selection of ribbons was the star of the photograph. Shaheen was showing off her plum bum. For Sophie there was an explosive birthday. There was a stunning capture of a bee landing inside a red poppy from Kelly. For Sam the harvest had been gathered and only the hay bales remained. Over in New Zealand Betty has been photographing Canada Geese. Down on the beach there was a rough and stormy sea for Kara. Finally, Sue has some strange visitors in her garden.

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Sunday Snap

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I'll share my favourites with you next week and remember I do like a bit of a tale to go with a photo but it's not a necessity!


  1. Aha, this one I know! Berwick on Tweed - (love that painting) Wow, I really hope I'm right now or that would be embarrassing!

  2. I really do not know, but if it is Berwick we love visiting there! Hope you have a good week x

  3. I think that's in Berwick upon tweet? I went on my honeymoon there x

  4. It has to be Berwick, although I do not recognise the view. We went there the other year for the day. So far north!

  5. I didn't know this Sunday Snap but I have added an Instagram photo to your linky that I took earlier this afternoon when I was at Trinity Leeds! It was such a nice sunny day!

  6. Berwick-upon-Tweed and I love the history attached to this town. Not been for such a long time and must go up that way next year.

  7. No idea, you mention it is up the coastline and I am a complete Southerner, so I have no chance! Mich x

  8. No idea on this one, I've never been or heard of Berwick upon Tweed. My big sister lives up North so maybe I should have ;)

  9. Nope didn't know this one unfortunately :(

  10. I have no idea where this is but its by the seaside

  11. Sounds like everyone has already guessed but it looks beautiful. Always enjoy being by the seaside :)


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