Tuesday 15 September 2015

Stacks of Flavour planting crates

It's not often that I fall into the sinful territory of coveting items. I do however love products which can be personalised. I think this comes my childhood when my friends had pens, pencils and stickers with their names on but in this country I could never find my name readily available. A friend of mine has a lovely garden and one thing I have noticed in it is a wooden garden crate inscribed with her husband's name. A simple item but one that appeals to me strongly on many levels. I've seen these crates in the back of gardening magazines selling for high prices so I was surprised to find Suttons Seeds selling a very affordable range through their Stacks of Flavour range.

There are seven different crates of various sizes and contents. I went for the Over The Rainbow crate which is currently retailing at £32.00. The 'rainbow' refers to the seed collection that goes with it – Beetroot Rainbow, Carrot Rainbow and Swiss Chard Bright Lights. The crate also comes supplied with a fabric liner, full step-by-step planting sheet and of course the all important personalisation! You can choose up to 20 upper or lower cases letters at no extra cost. I like spell 'JibberJabberUK' as one word with a capital J for both the Jibber and Jabber. Not many people get it right but it has come out just as I wanted it. The only thing you need to add is compost which the instructions say can be general purpose compost or garden soil so nothing complicated or hard to get hold of.

I have a small garden so much of what I grow to eat is grown in containers. If you have a very small space such as a balcony these would be perfect. However, the design of them would fit in well with any garden. They have contoured handles on each side so they can be moved around when required. At times when they are not being used the crates can be stacked on top of each other. The crates are made from FSC sustainable sourced wood and treated with a three year protective treatment.

Prices start at £20.00 for a single slat speedy leaves box. There are other collections available containing salad seeds plus more available in the right season. If fruit and vegetables are not for you there are also flower and bulb collections available plus empty crates if you want to choose your own plants to put in it. All come with the free personalisation. Dare I say it in September but one of these would make a fantastic Christmas especially for that person who has everything!

I was sent the Stacks of Flavour crate for review purposes. All opinions and photographs are my own.


  1. this would be great for my mum who wants to have a little garden in her new flat, I think it would look sweet on her little patio! Thanks #TriedTested

  2. These look fab! We are moving at the end of the month and only have a patio garden so these could help brighten the area up! :) Thanks for sharing! x


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