Sunday 2 November 2014

Sunday Snap – The abandoned railway

No correct or wild guesses for last week's Sunday Snap of The Halloween pumpkins. According to the Guinness World Records the heaviest ever pumpkin weighed 1,054.01 kg (2,323.70 lb). It was grown by Beni Meier from Switzerland in October this year. I'm not sure what this one weighed but here's one I spotted in the Isle of Wight this week.
Mr JibberJabber has also been busy on the pumpkin front in the form of carving them in the juniors' favourite characters of Monster High and Spiderman.
For this week's Sunday Snap I have been on my travels. Fear not I have not been trespassing on old railway lines. I took this photograph whilst standing on a bamboo decking which had been installed as part of the town's outdoor arts festival. For many years this railway line ran directly into the harbour seen in the distance. Day trippers seeking duty-free bargains and passengers enjoying the luxury of the Orient Express all came down this line. The covered walkway onto the awaiting ferry is still in place. Until the privatisation of the railways in 1984 the ferry service was also operated by British Rail. The opening of the Channel Tunnel and the abolition of duty-free meant that the booze-cruises were no longer such an popular option. The last cross-channel ferry left this port in September 2000 and the station closed to regular rail services in 2001. It remained open until 2009 just for Orient Express services but the passengers were transferred to the Channel Tunnel terminal by coach. An inspection train occasionally ran down the line until it was completely closed on 31 May 2014.

Which port did this railway run to?

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  1. Can you imagine having to try and carve that pumpkin, wow!

  2. Fabulous photo's - I always struggle with pumpkin carving!

  3. My lord thats a big pumpkin, some good pictures .

  4. I love the pumpkins. Mini carved ours all on his own this year. I was so proud of him

  5. What brilliant pumpkins! I am determined to do better next year!!

  6. This is the first year in a while that I haven't grown my own pumpkins on the allotment, it felt odd carving a shop bought one!

  7. That pumpkin is huge! I cannot imagine what they did with the 1000kg one.

  8. Wow, so big pumpkin, so cool.

  9. Oooo where is this railway, must have been a port of some kind

  10. Great photo's. I used to see disused railways like that a lot when i was a kid


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