Sunday 3 February 2019

Sunday Snap – The Lost King

We were in London for last week's Sunday Snap. I asked who the Father of India was and the answer is

Mahatma Gandhi

Forging a path to independence with the right answer were Sarah, Lisa, Kara, Anne and Susan.

This week we are taking a trip to Leeds. As you come out of the train station and face City Square in the middle you will see this statue of Edward of Woodstock. He was born in the Oxfordshire town of Woodstock in 1330. As the eldest son of the then king Edward III he was heir to the throne from birth. At the age of just six his father bestowed the title of Duke of Cornwall upon him and when he was 11 he was made Prince of Wales – titles still given to the heir to the throne today.

With the start of the Hundred Years War in 1337 Edward grew up being trained as a military commander. At the age of just 16 he showed his military brilliance in the defeat of the French army at the Battle of Crecy. A year later he had another significant victory at Poitiers which resulted in the capture of King John II of France. Over the next years he spent time fighting in Spain before returning to France. To raise funds for all these military campaigns he levied taxes for the nobility in Aquitaine in France. This led to a revolt against him which spread to other towns. Edward was furious and in his determination to regain the city of Limoges 3,000 of its residents were massacred.

The years of constant travelling and fighting took its toll on him and he finally returned back to England. He never fully regained his health and died of dysentery in 1376. His father died the year after so it was his ten year old son, Richard, who became the next king of England.

He was given a nickname based on a colour. It is not known whether this referred to his armour, shield or for the brutal reputation he acquired particularly in his treatment of the French. This week's question is

What nickname was Edward known by?

We were joined last week by Sara and her new polka dot tablecloth. Sarah's son has been doing self-portraits. In Tel Aviv Lisa has been on a tour of the bus station. There's been plenty of birthdays about this week with Kara celebrating with a mermaid themed swim party and mermaid tail birthday cake. It was a week of two birthdays for Susan. Anne completed the birthday week with a meal out for her son's birthday. Mary has been leading down the lines at Lacock. Finally, Jesh has been remembering visits to Holland.

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  1. That’s one impressive statue. I don’t know the answer to the question, unfortunately. Hope you have a good week x

  2. I don't know the answer to the question, but it was interesting to read some history that I was completely unaware of. I didn't even know that the heir to the throne was always given the titles of the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall - I thought they were just titles that Prince Charles had!

  3. That was a very interesting read. The Black Prince is my answer.


  4. He was the Black Prince :)

  5. The abilities for the throne sure have changed over the ages (am glad!)
    I've never heard of the Black Prince... Thanks for hsoting!


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