Tuesday 5 September 2017

Freezing sandwiches

Today both of the Junior JabberJabbers have started back at school for the new term. From lazy, relaxed mornings we go to a mad rush in the morning. One thing to turn a good morning to a bad one is the making up of a packed lunch for the day.

Despite hundreds of Pinterest boards being dedicated to beautifully presented lunchbox ideas many of us still turn to sandwiches for our midday meal. If you want to get ahead and get organised have you thought of making up sandwiches in advance and then freezing them? Not only will you have a selection of sandwiches at hand each morning it will also minimise waste. No more stale or mouldy bread, no green bits on the cheese and no half eaten packets of ham. Before you start spreading your butties there's a few basic rules you need to know.

What fillings you can freeze

Cooked meats including ham, roast beef, chicken and turkey
Hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Red Leicester and Double Gloucester – sometimes the cheese does crumble after thawing so grate it first.
Peanut butter
Tinned tuna and salmon
Hard boiled egg yolks
Chocolate spread
Spreads such as butter and margarine

What fillings to avoid

Hard boiled egg whites – freezing toughens them.
Jam – goes soggy as it soaks into the bread.
Salad such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions – they go limp so add them afterwards.
Mayonnaise – it can separate after thawing
Cottage cheese

After they have been made

Make sure they are covered fully. One of the best ways to do this is to use zip lock bags which you can clean out and use again. Otherwise use freezer bags or tightly wrapped clingfilm. Write the date on each package so you know to use them in the right order.

Add any extras such as salad, mustard or chutney after they have thawed.

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