Wednesday 8 February 2017

Wellness Trends 2017

Wellness Trends 2017

Now we are fully into 2017 and out of the bleakness of January it's time to see what the year will bring. For those interested in their personal wellbeing there are all sorts of new trends emerging. Some are based on age old principles while others are new innovations. Let's see what is going to be the most talked about trends this year.
Mindset – Paying attention to your mental wellbeing has grown in recent years. Sheffield blogger and personal trainer Lucy Locket believes a strong mindset can put you on the right road to achieve optimum physical health as well as well as achieving your personal ambitions. You can purchase her new Mindset Guide for £4.99 here by entering the details in the 'Make payment' section. Don't forget to add my code 'JibberJabberUK'.

Turmeric – The spice of the year. Long known for its ability to naturally colour dishes turmeric also has numerous health benefits. Although turmeric is available as a supplement it seems it is most effective in its natural form. Turmeric comes from a root which looks similar to ginger and is then ground down. Regular consumption of turmeric can aid against inflammation, depression, asthma, eczema and cancer.
Breakfast – A good start to the day will always get you on the right track. If you rush about and need to be out of the door in a flash in the morning then breakfast may go uneaten. For breakfast on the go FUEL10K have launched their Quark with Fruit pouches. The pouches are high in healthy protein and low in fat to help you stay fuller for longer. Each pouch is re-sealable if you need if need to grab and go.

Hair – Although it might be said that it's how you are inside that counts we all know if you don't feel you look good your overall wellness can be affected. Natural male baldness may not be preventable yet but there are more and more procedures which can be undertaken. Recently more and more celebrities have had hair treatments which show how effective the treatments can be. One new procedure is the ATP Treatment. This has been designed to replicate hair giving a natural look.

Going Scandinavian – If hygge was the lifestyle trend of 2016 then for 2017 it's time to welcome in two more. This year it is time to embrance enkedlhed and lagom. For the linguistically challenged these translate loosely as 'simplicity' and 'just right' respectively. The Danish Enkedlhed follows on from last year's mass decluttering trend. If you have trouble making decisions then narrow down your choices to make your life simpler. If you have five white shirts get rid of some of them. For lagom this Swedish term translates as 'not too much, not too little – just right'. So enjoy the things in your life but don't over indulge in them.

What wellness trends have you seen this year? Have you embraced anything new in 2017?

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