Wednesday 18 May 2016

The Essential Checklist for This Year's Family Holiday

The Essential Checklist for This Year's Family Holiday
There's nothing more we like than packing up the car and going on a family roadtrip. Even in the UK though being spontaneous is difficult when you have children. If there's just the two of you often you can find accommodation on the way whether it's stopping at hotel or pitching up at a campsite. In the summer holidays family rooms in hotels get booked up quickly and camping pitches can be hard to come by so get planning now.

It's not all about booking the accommodation before you go. Whatever type of trip you are planning there will be items you need to sort out. How many of us have thought that the kids' clothes from last year's holiday would still fit only to find they have had a growth spurt? If you need a little bit of help in planning the perfect family getaway take some tips from today's guest post.

“It's that time of year again, millions of families around the world are preparing for the end of the school term and getting ready for their annual holiday. Even though it's a chance for everyone to go away and relax for a week or two, packing and getting ready for it can be a stressful time. In order to ensure you and your family are adequately prepared and to reduce stress levels, make the most of the following checklist.


The most important things you need to physically go away on holiday are tickets. Getting to the airport or docks and not having your boarding passes, with a number of children in tow, is the worst possible start to any holiday. These should be the first thing on your checklist,along with any accommodation information, visas, passports and tickets for any events you will be attending.


Depending on what type of holiday you are heading on, you will need to pack specific equipment for your vacation. Those going camping or caravanning will need to remember camping chairs, stoves and cooking equipment. Picnic boxes, blankets and beach tents along with sports items, such as tennis rackets, footballs and body boards if you're heading to the coast, will all need to be packed in.


Keep your kids entertained on the journey by ensuring they take enough toys and games to keep them busy. Plus you will need a deck of cards, books and more so you and any other adults can have enough to starve off boredom when away from your home comforts.


They type of clothes you pack will also depend on the destination. Plenty of light coloured and textured items if you're heading to the Mediterranean or another hot location, but pack enough warm clothes when heading to a colder climate. Always take extra, as children will definitely dirty or ruin a few items.

Personal Items

Mobile phones, cameras, mp3 players along with everyday items like wallets and house keys must be remembered too. All such accessories will prove useful while on holiday as well as making you feel comfortable that you haven't left anything behind.


Taking out travel insurance is essential to keep everyone safe in case of an accident. If you're planning to drive abroad then be sure to take out European breakdown cover so you are legally covered in your car as well.

Write up a full checklist based on these categories and tick them off when packing to ensure your annual family holiday is a success.”

Have you started planning for your summer holiday? Do you use checklists?


  1. I have been traveling a lot this year and have more travels coming up one thing I always make sure I have outside money and tickets is travel insurance

  2. We are doing day trips this summer but this is a great cheaklist for when we go away next year. I love checklists when i used to travel solo it was defia tly a shorter list. Marie

  3. Making sure your car insurance is valid is a massive must as well - speaking as someone who has had a car stolen abroad. great checklist.

  4. No I don't really but I make sure I sort out hotel and tickets ASAP. Travel money is also sorted well in advance.

  5. Travel insurance is so important and I didn't realise how little cover we had with our cover through the bank until this year

  6. I always have check lists, even just for a night away. I think I will have lists of lists when we go abroad next year xx

  7. This is a good list to start with, definitely some good pointers in there.

  8. Great check list. I make sure I have all important documents in a clear folder to hand so if I need it, it is all together.

  9. Documents and insurance are the biggest ones for me because other stuff is replaceable wherever you are xx


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