Thursday 7 January 2016

Fairies in the Winter Garden

Since one of the recent displays in the Sheffield Winter Garden was a sculpture of a giant E. coli bacterium it would come as no surprise that their Christmas decorations were not of the standard variety. When you first walked in you noticed the strings of lights around the vast selection of exotic plants and trees but that was not all...

Over the festive period a whole village of fairies moved in. They brought with them their own houses...
...but some are grander than others.
It may not have been cold outside but in some parts of this fairy grotto the snow had fallen. I hope none of them got crushed by the giant snow flake!
Of course they had been celebrating Christmas too with their own pine cone Christmas trees.
If it was flowers you were after in the Winter Garden then never fear as there was still the usual vibrant display. I wonder if it was where the fairies went at night to party.
Hosted by Fable and Folk


  1. How cute! I love faeries in the garden. So colourful too! x

  2. Love this, every garden has fairies right, some are just a bit more proactive than others? ;) x

  3. I love Stephanie's comment and I agree that there must be fairies in everyone's garden :)

  4. Oh my Kitty would literally lose her mind if she saw this! I'm bookmarking to show her after school :)

    The lichen roof is really cool!

    Thanks for joining in again jibber jabbery x

  5. It's made me want to find a little patch in the garden and build a little fairy house!

  6. Very cute! There is a shop nearby to me that sells little fairy gardens in bowls and I'm going to try the same thing this year for some garden magic.

  7. how fantastic and decorations you can leave in the garden all year


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