Tuesday 5 December 2017

How to make a Christmas wreath from natural materials

As much as I like to see the bright lights adorning houses come December it's nice to have something natural or handmade on display as well. With a Christmas door wreath you can have both. From items you can collect from around your garden to whatever you come across on walks down paths, in parks and out in the country. Wherever you collect your materials just make sure you don't take too much from one place.

For the ring

Dogwood shoots
Birch twigs

When you make the ring chose one material you want to work with. You will need around three lengths. If you use soft branches or twigs then gently manipulate them so they will bend without splitting. Form a loop and then wind the two ends round each other to secure. Turn it a third of the way round and then add another length. Secure the ends in the same way and repeat with the third length. If you don't feel it is secure tie some florist wire or ribbon around it.
For decoration

Ivy and berries
Holly and berries
Viburnum tinus
Eryngium (sea holly)
Fir/pine cones
Nut shells such as walnuts and hazelnuts
Yew and berries
Conifer and Christmas tree offcuts
Pyracantha berries
Skimmia Japonica
Variegated foliage

Twine/raffia and hook


Florists wire

Decide on your design. You may want to decorate all the way round, up one side or round the bottom. Weave the decorations into the wreath ring. Be prepared to take bits out and add extra in. Be careful with the holly leaves! Once you are happy with your design tie a hanging loop at the top and put on your door for any visitors to admire.


By keeping it outside it will be kept cold which will help to prolong its life. If it looks a little limp then remove any non-natural decorations such as ribbons and put the wreath in water for at least an hour. 

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