Thursday 21 December 2017

Hardwick Hall at Christmas 2017

Each year that we go to Hardwick Hall for their Christmas display we wonder if it could possibly be as good as the previous year's. With the addition of the snow it provided the perfect festive backdrop to this year's decorations.

The magnificent entrance hall was shown off in all its splendour with a selection of enormous Christmas trees.

Around the hall there are themed displays based on Christmas songs and carols. It's always fun spotting the displays and working out what they represent. On the stairs we found three ships ready to sail in.

The 12 twelve drummers drumming are forming a guard of honour above the fireplace where Santa is stuck up the chimney.

In the chapel the three kings from the orient have arrived bearing gifts.

The dinning room has been transformed into a winter wonderland with a snowy scene of trees, twigs, snowflakes and reindeer.

The walls are festooned with lights and garlands.

Down in the kitchen the tables were laden with a feast fit for any visiting king or queen.

Outside the pillars are covered in swags of greenery from the garden.

Whilst most of us may not have pillars at home to decorate there are plenty of flower arrangements to take inspiration from.

All that was left was a walk back through the snow and having a chat with some of the other visitors.

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