Thursday 25 May 2017

Renishaw Hall Gardens in May 2017

Renishaw Hall Gardens May
After a week of downpours it was time to brave the weather and get out. On my daily walks I noticed the laburnum trees in full, glorious yellow bloom. I managed to miss the laburnum arch at its best last year so I was determined not to make the same mistake this year. Before I got down to the woodland there were many more delights to have a look at.
One of the first flowers you notice is the stunning Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis Grandis). Such a beautiful plant needs plenty of care and attention as its native habitat is hard to replicate.
May is the month of white in the garden and Renishaw has two of unusual Davidia involucrata otherwise known as the Pocket Handkerchief tree. It also goes by the name of the dove tree and the ghost tree. The moon-gazing hares were sat amongst the white petals it had shed.
Standing out against the red brick was a selection of white bearded irises. Like all irises they enjoy the warmth of this sunny spot.
Further up the wall the figs were basking in the sun.
One of my favourite flowers is lily of the valley. It's not just their delicate bell-shaped flowers but their beautiful scent. Be warned though – they spread across your garden! In the language of flowers they symbolise marital happiness...
It wasn't just the flowers in their best white dress as a wedding party was being photographed in the gardens.
Are you wanting some more white flowers? Time to trumpet the arrival of the calla lilies with a majestic backdrop of alliums.
We got down to the woodland just before the rain came down again. The air was heavy with the scent of wild garlic thriving in the cool, shady conditions.
Our last port of call was the laburnum arch. The planting underneath looks lush and succulent with the bench inviting visitors to sit and stay for a moment. It's a shame the weather had other ideas as the rain came down and we made our way home.

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