Thursday 18 May 2017

Locko Park

Back in 1927 the first gardens opened to the public in order to raise money for charity. 90 years on this organisation is known to thousand of garden enthusiasts as the National Gardening Scheme. Back in 1927 a total of 609 gardens opened for the first time and Locko Park is one of the original gardens still showing their support.
Locko Park has been in the same family since the 18th century. Today it remains as a family home but also uses the buildings and surrounding estate as a venue for weddings and events.
In full summer the Italianate Rose Garden must look quite spectacular but at the moment we can only dream of its future beauty.
At this time of year the main attraction is the display of rhododendrons and azaleas. They greet you as soon as you walked through the entrance gates.
The best displays are shown are in the arboretum. The shade of the trees is the perfect backdrop to the brightness of the blooms.
The arboretum is home to a number of trees of vast proportions. Many of them must have originally been planted when the estate was first established. My favourite was this one. I was expecting the Green Man to step out of its trunk at any moment.
I was quite surprised to see a hydrangea flowering so early. It serves as a reminder of the mild weather we have had this spring.
The wisteria arch is the perfect ending to the herbaceous borders.
The old glasshouses on the terrace are long past their former glory and use. Now one of them seems to have a number of hedging bushes in it while the other houses solar panels.
On such a sunny day I had to check the time on the sundial. Allowing for the hour difference between GMT and BST it was spot on!
Yes – they had cake as well. How can you visit a garden and say no tea and cake?
If you ever the chance to visit Locko Park grab the opportunity as it really is quite a stunning place.
Gardens are open throughout the year on behalf of the National Garden Scheme with a special 90th Anniversary weekend between 27th-29th May.

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