Wednesday 8 March 2017

Business Storage Solutions with Pallet Racking

Years ago if you set up your own business it was possible to start off at your kitchen table. Once your business expanded you start moving your products and stock around the house, into spare rooms or fill up your garage. Businesses work in very different ways these days and there are a number of ways that all businesses can use storage to their own advantage.

Most people will be aware of traditional storage units which can be used for both business and personal use. However if you are running a business efficiency is the key to making it a success. Gone are the days of throwing stock in 'lock up' or piling up boxes. One of the options now available is pallet racking. Let's have a look at what it involves.

What is Pallet Racking? - It is a way of storing goods which can be fitted onto pallets. These pallets are then placed upon racks. You can rent space in a business warehouse and use the pallet racking system they already have in place. Alternatively if you have your own warehouse space you can put in your own system. You can find examples of pallet racking at WSSL.

Why would I need Pallet Racking? - It allows a cost effective way to store your goods. As the items are stored on pallets you can manage stock rotation easily. This means you can buy stock at low prices and store it easily until you need it. If you have seasonal goods that need storing until a later date it means they can be stored safely until you need them. By being able to utilise the height in a warehouse you can make far more use of the space available.

What can I store? - Whatever you want as long as it will fit safely on a pallet. There are a number of different systems that can be used. Some will be sufficient for storing lighter items whilst others will be suitable for much heavier goods such as building materials or equipment.

Do have a business that could benefit from pallet racking? Have you use pallet racking as your storage solution?

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