Sunday 30 August 2015

Sunday Snap – Newspaper Street

We went urban and gritty with the black and white photo of a city cathedral for last week's Sunday Snap. Taken from the different angle on Saint Martin's-le-Grand it was of course

St. Paul's Cathedral

There was a bumper crop of correct answers last week with Cheryl, Kara, Erica, Clare, Susan, Ruthy, Jen, Gemma, Bex, Debbie, Anthea, Stephen, Lucy and Rebecca all getting the right answer. I hope I've included all of you!

For this week I've just strolled down from St. Paul's Cathedral and along Ludgate Hill. I hope you'll forgive me for such laziness but a photo with a question each week is quite a task! The road shown ahead has for centuries been synonymous with printing and newspapers. Having a degree in Journalism I have always enjoyed going down this street spotting the buildings which once housed famous titles such as The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express and The Daily Mail. However, since the mid 1980s all those famous names have moved out and moved on to more modern printing works. This was famously part of the News International Wapping dispute which affected The Times, The Sun and News of the World. Apart from the London office of Beano publisher D.C.Thompson there are now few signs of the street's history.

One building that lives on is the church whose steeple you can see. With its positioning it has been known as the 'Journalists' church' with funeral and memorial services for well-known and respected journalists still held there. The steeple of the church is said to be the inspiration for the tiered wedding cake. Back in 1703 a young baker by the name of Thomas Rich fell in love and proposed marriage to the daughter of his boss. He came from Lugdate Hill and when seeking a design for the couple's wedding cake he looked up and saw the steeple. The name of the church? Well, of course it is St. Bride's. This week's question is

What is the name of the street?

We were joined last week by Cheryl reflecting on her holiday. Kara was flying high. The kids have testing out the new kitchen at Jack's Paper Moon. There was a pair of very smart schoolboys over at Susan's. A stunning peacock butterfly was captured by Kirsty. Finally, Kelly was getting dressed up at a fabulous masquerade ball.

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Sunday Snap

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I'll share my favourites with you next week and remember I do like a bit of a tale to go with a photo but it's not a necessity!


  1. I thought it looked like Brighton at first glance but after reading your description, it's got to be Fleet Street :)

  2. It has to be busy, colourful Fleet Street! I love standing in streets soaing up the history too!

  3. What a great picture. Really captures city life. I'm going to say Fleet Street? X

  4. Fleet Street - not so much of a newspaper street I think these days (sadly).

  5. Its been a while since I joined in, saw your tweet and thought - I have the perfect photo to share. I've only ever seen Fleet Street in the news, never in person.

  6. Fleet Street and with the mysterious River Fleet running underneath.

  7. I have no idea how you keep up a photo a week! Love seeing them though. x

  8. A photo and a question per week is a task! You do well with it all. For this weeks' street, is it Fleet Street?

  9. From your description it's got to be Fleet Street although I'v enever seen it in person x

  10. My grandad used to work in Fleet Street for the papers. The tales he used to tell

  11. Great snap! I'm rubbish at taking photos! I love all the buses lined up!

  12. Definitely Fleet Street! My nan told me all about it years ago when playing Monopoly!

  13. Looks like Fleet Street to me, used to walk down it quite a lot. It's not the same as it was in the nineties though. Fabulous photo :)

  14. Such a colourful photo and vibrant place, would love to visit!xx


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