Tuesday 4 August 2015

Broad bean and bacon risotto

Broad bean bacon risotto arborio rice
I love broad beans and I think they are one of the very underrated British seasonal treats. I've never tried growing them as they are notorious for attracting black fly and you need a lot of space in order to get a decent yield. I think that's what makes them more of a luxury item. In this recipe I take the broad beans out of the pods and after cooking them shell them again. If I had my way I would leave out the shelling part but Mr JibberJabber likes them completed stripped down. In fact it wasn't until I starting cooking them Mr JibberJabber that I even realised that a second shelling was an option! If broad beans aren't for you then we also cook this with peas and French beans picked straight from the greenhouse.

Serves 4
Equipment: Saucepan, large frying pan


1lb 2oz (500g) Broad beans, shelled
2 pints (1 litre) Chicken stock
1tbsp (15ml) Olive oil
5½ oz (150g) Lardons/smoked bacon, chopped
3½ oz (100g) Unsalted butter
10½ oz (300g) Arborio rice
2oz (55g) Italian hard cheese, finely grated


1. In boiling water cook the broad beans for about 6 minutes. Drain and leave to cool.
2. Peel the broad beans once cool and put to one side.
3. Put the chicken stock into a large pan and turn the heat on low just to keep it warm.
4. Heat a large frying pan and add the oil.
5. Fry the bacon and remove.
6. Add 2oz (50g) of the butter to the pan. Stir round making sure it doesn't burn.
7. Add the rice and coat it all in the butter stirring round for about two minutes.
8. Add a couple of ladles of stock to the pan and cook, stirring continuously, until the stock reduces. 9. Repeat until the rice is cooked and the stock has been used up.
10. Add the beans, bacon, cheese and remaining butter and heat through.

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  1. We have harvested some broad beans so I am adding them to anything that I can. This looks and sounds delicious. Thank you for sharing with #cookblogshare x

  2. Can you believe, I'd completely forgotten about risotto and I absolutely love broad beans - adding things to my shopping list now!!!!

  3. Wow I adore risotto, not a fan of broad beans! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays x


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