Sunday 30 June 2019

Sunday Snap – We all go back to where we belong

We were in London for last week's Sunday Snap and looking at a statue that all roads lead to. I asked which king the statue was of and the answer is

King Charles I

Riding into town with the right answer were Susan, Sarah, Kara, Anne and Mary.

Before we start on this week's Sunday Snap I have an announcement. This is the last Sunday Snap and indeed probably the last post on JibberJabberUK. Unfortunately the current climate has made the blog financially unviable and a huge drain on my time and resources. I also have a small vintage business with a retail unit and online site plus I have my photographs on a stock photography site. The last two sponsored posts I did I haven't been paid for and I was told I was going to be sent some items for review and these haven't materialised either. While stopping the blog has been on my mind for some time these last few incidents was the straw that broke this camel's back. I'm also very conscious that it will soon be the school holidays for the Junior JibberJabbers and I would really like to spend some time with them rather than searching for blog writing material.

I can't go without saying thank you to everyone who has joined with my various link ups over the years. Some of you are more recent joiners while others have been extremely loyal for years now. You've shared the good, the bad and sometimes the downright hilarious times with me. There are often moments I have turned my laptop round to show everyone at JibberJabber Towers what has been linked up as I have found your photographs so wonderful. A special mention to anyone who sent me cat pictures – I'm thinking of you Ash and Twilight! I do realise that some weeks my choice of subject has been slightly obscure. I have a fascination with the world around and any type of building, statue, plaque or street furniture catches my eye. Just consider yourselves lucky that you never got the photograph of the drain cover with the Duke of Norfolk's initials on!

I started this blog to record some of the recipes I made and have continued to do so. When needed I might pop in and put another dish or cake on but I don't envisage it ever being a regular thing again. Of course if those review items turn up or I get offered genuine monetary reward I'll be back – I have to pay for those lipsticks and camera lenses somehow! 

On to this week and of course there is no question so I can tell you straight off this is Cleethorpes Pier. The title of this week's post comes from the last ever R.E.M song they made and it even features an ocean in the lyrics. The first Sunday Snap was a pier as well some 251 posts back. One of the features of Cleethorpes beach is that its positioning on the Lincolnshire coast in the Humber estuary means the North Sea often seems miles out. Originally the pier was 370m long to accommodate the large distance between beach and sea but like many piers it was cut during the Second World War to stop any possible German invaders landing on it.

The building of the pier was financed by the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Company. This link still exists to this day as an hourly train service from Manchester via Sheffield runs to Cleethorpes. Like many piers it has suffered fire damage and financial problems. In recent years it has been bought and sold several times. In 2017 it re-opened again with the pavilion as part of the Papa's fish and chip chain. It now claims to be the biggest fish and chip restaurant in the country.

For our final link up we were joined by Susan and a trip to the circus. Sara's favourite images this week include a pink peony and an 'Old Blush' China Rose. Our runner Sarah completed the Cheltenham Challenge. On the Watercress Line Mary has been steaming along. Kara had one very happy birthday boy and a visit from a barn owl. In New Zealand Betty has been looking through her archives. At school Anne found the wild flowers and a special guitar performance. Sue has been getting classical with art and getting up close to some stag beetles. A cat in the window caught Jenna's eye. Csuhpat paid a visit to the San Leandro Cherry Festival. It's been a working weekend for Sarah. And finally, absolutely finally, Jesh has been in search of summery things.


  1. I'm so sorry to read this. I know I've only been joining in for a short while, but I have really enjoyed your questions and your little snippets of history. But I can totally understand why you have taken that decision. Good luck with your vintage business and your photography.

  2. I am so sorry to read this. I have really enjoyed your posts. It was fun to guess each week what part of the UK you were visiting! Wishing you all the best and fun school holidays with the Junior JibberJabbers.

  3. Oh lovely I’m so sorry to hear that. I love your challenges every week and learning about the different places you capture. I love that you capture the unusual and things that others wouldn’t. I hope you’ll still keep in touch via twitter and know that I’ve loved visiting on a Sunday. Big hugs & good luck with that holidays & your next venture xx

  4. I am so sorry that you have decided to give up the blog, but completely understand your decision. Hope you have an amazing summer holiday and good luck with your others businesses xx

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this, you have such an amazing blog, and I know I don't comment on everything I've also found your other posts really useful. I'll really miss linking up but hopefully I'll see you around on Twitter, and send you some pics of Ash. Have a fabulous summer holiday, wishing you the best of luck xx

  6. I am also so sorry to hear this. Sunday Snap has become part of my Sunday morning and I have met lovely people through your linky party. I enjoyed the trivia that you posted and learned so much from your blog. I hope you will come back after a good blog break. Always loved a visit from you as well as visiting you.


  7. You have been amazing, thanks for all the hosting, go on and be amazing where it continues to give you energy. Sending hugs, and have a fabulous summer with your little ones x

  8. You have been amazing, doing this meme, which takes a lot of thought and planning! I will really miss it, but am glad I ran into your post, and have enjoyed every comment (reply) you made. Some teens will be happy they will have more of the mum's time!

  9. What a pity, this has been a very enjoyable visit for me most weeks. All the best to you! It's good to not spread yourself too thin. You take care, Sara from Seattle


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