Thursday 20 June 2019

Buying vintage clothes

The trend for fast fashion has been one that has been around for some time now. While there are still plenty of places both on the high street and online selling clothes that are so cheap they can be worn once and then thrown away more and more people are turning to vintage clothing.

I have been selling vintage items for a couple of years now. Not only is it a very sustainable option it is also way of showing your own personality. I remember a couple of years ago I kept seeing a top that was on sale at a local chain store on different people. How embarrassing is it to bump into someone who could be wearing the same clothes as you? With so many vintage items out there this is not something that is likely to occur.

Buying vintage clothes is different to simply popping into your local supermarket or chain store to pick up something. There's a few things to think about but the results will be worth it.

Check the sizing – I have a pair of jeans from 1994 that fit me perfectly well. If you look at the label they are a size 12 from Dorothy Perkins. The last pair of jeans I bought from there was a size 6. People in general have got larger on average but clothing manufacturers have decided to keep dropping the sizes on labels. If you are buying from a shop or vintage show then try the item on first. It's not just about the sizing but also the cut as trends and techniques have changed so much over the years.

If you are buying online then ask for measurements and photographs. I have laid out garments and photographed them with a tape measure showing all the dimensions.

Look for quality not labels – There are some designer names that have been around for years – think Chanel, Dior and Hèrmes. You may see celebrities wearing such items but the chances of coming across such items at an affordable price is very low. Instead pick out clothes that you genuinely like. Most clothes from years ago were better made and designed to last so you can still be buying items that are high in quality.

Check items for ageing - Any second hand clothing can have stains or marks on it. Fraying around cuffs and collars is another common issue. If the item has a zip make sure that it works and doesn't jam or misses out sections when zipped up. Moths can be a problem with old clothes so look through for any little holes.

Classic never dates – If you're afraid of being a bit too out there or simply old fashioned then look for classic styles and cuts. Pencil skirts always look smart and can work with a variety of different blouses and jumpers. For men polo shirts have been a staple of causal dressing for decades. Find a style that works for you and see what you can find in different colours and patterns.

Get quirky – Alternatively you may be someone that likes to stand out from the crowd. Loud retro patterns and funky designs could be just up your street. Remember that you don't have to wear the same style everyday but give it a go when you feel like it.

Do you buy vintage clothing? What vintage styles do you like?

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