Sunday 12 May 2019

Sunday Snap – Without a hat

We were in Leeds for last week's Sunday Snap of the Hulk. I asked the name of his human persona and the answer is

Dr. Bruce Banner

Getting angry with the right answer were Sarah, Kara, Anne and Mary.

We're staying in West Yorkshire for this week's Sunday Snap and going on a bit of a ramble. This stretch of countryside is famous for having Yorkshire's unofficial anthem written about it. The song is traditionally sung in a thick Yorkshire accent and written in the local dialect. The most famous part of it is the rousing chorus that states they have been seen at this location 'baht'at' or without their hat (I can confirm that Master JibberJabber did scamper up here with his hat on.) It goes on to state that they were seen courting Mary Jane. Since they were not wearing a hat they would catch their death of cold and then be buried. After that the worms would eat you up, the ducks would eat the worms and then we would eat the ducks and in effect eat you!

Tha's been a cooartin' Mary Jane 
Tha's bahn' to catch thy deeath o' cowd 
Then us'll ha' to bury thee 
Then t'worms'll come an' eyt thee oop 
Then t'ducks'll come an' eyt up t'worms 
Then us'll go an' eyt up t'ducks 
Then us'll all ha' etten thee 
That's wheear we get us ooan back

It is thought that song originates from a real life incident. Ramblers from a chapel choir were on an outing and having a picnic. They spotted a courting couple and one of them had gone out without their hat on. The tune of it is what is now a rather forgotten hymn by Thomas Clark known as 'Cranbrook' or 'Northampton'. During the 19th century it was popular amongst Methodist congregations but has for years been better associated with this song. This week's question is

What location is this?
We were joined last week by Sara and a pink dogwood in bloom. Betty has been out and about in New Zealand photographing birds, insects and coastlines. It's been marathon time for Sarah. In the woods Sarah has found bluebells. Jutta has been in reflective mood. There's been water based fun for Kara in the swimming pool and the Sea Life Centre. Mary found a loving cheetah couple. It's been a pink week for Susan with cherry blossom. Anne has been comparing trees. Finally, Jesh has found springtime is time for new things.

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  1. I have no idea. Really interesting though & I’m looking forward to seeing that the answer is xx

  2. I think it's the Moor in Halifax. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I recognise it from the song, Ilkley Moor!
    Thanks for hosting x

  4. It's Ilkley Moor. sorry my comments are so late, but I don't seem able to comment on any Blogger blogs from my phone any more - annoying! #Sundaysnap


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