Friday 11 January 2019

Finance Fridays – Saving money on energy costs

We were looking at how to save money on train fares for last week's Finance Fridays. This week it is the turn of energy costs. Yesterday was National Cut Your Energy Costs Day to highlight the issue. Usually the coldest months in the UK are January and February and of course we had plenty of snow last March. With this in mind let's have a look at some ways of keeping those bills down this year.

Have your boiler regularly serviced – A well maintained boiler will be an efficient one and save you money in the long run.

Windows and doors – These are one of the biggest causes of heat loss. If yours are draughty then replacing them is one option but it can be expensive. Sometimes the cause of the draught is an badly fitting lock, hinge or seal. These can be repaired without the whole window being replaced. Whatever the state of your windows good, thick curtains will help to stop heat escaping.

Ventilation – It may seem strange to open windows when it is cold but it can do your home a lot good. In warm rooms, especially bathrooms and kitchen, condensation can build up and spread to other areas of the house. This causes mould through dampness. If your home is damp you will end up spending more money trying to heat and dry it out. Opening windows for just 30 minutes to an hour a day will help.

Fill up – Only use washing machines and dishwashers when you have a full load otherwise you will be running the cycle twice. If you must wash just a couple of items look up the quick wash or 'mini load' programme.

Keep it low – When filling up your kettle don't fill it up. Just boil the amount of water you need. You'll notice the energy savings in the amount of time it takes to boil a small amount of water than compared to a full kettle.

Go one lower – Turning down your central heating thermostat can make a big difference if you have it on everyday. Next year do the same and see how long you can go over time.

What energy cost savings have you made? Do you worry about the size of your energy bill?

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Finance Fridays

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