Saturday 29 December 2018

Love Cake December 2018 round up

We've come to the end of another great year of cakes and baking. Let's see what everyone has been making in December.
Jo at Tea and Cake for the Soul has been adapting an old school dinner recipe to come up with Fruity Apple Coconut Squares. You can serve it hot as a pudding or cold as a slice of cake. Throughout the year the same recipe can be used but the fruit can be changed for something more seasonal.
There's been a birthday at The Gluten Free Alchemist and this of course called for a special cake. Kate came up trumps with a Decadent Roasted Banana and Chocolate Celebration Cake which as always is gluten free. For an intense banana hit they are roasted for extra flavour. It's formed of three layers of banana sponge then covered with chocolate butter icing and with finished off with chocolate ganache. For an extra special touch there's hand drawn chocolate heart decorations plus chocolate cigarillos and banana chips.
I had another bake sale this month. For this one I debuted a festive flavoured Cranberry, orange and yogurt loaf cake. The fresh cranberries provided just the right amount of berry burst in both taste and colour and this was complemented by the orange drizzle.
In all this year my friend and I must have baked over 100 years for various events that we do. The other cakes we made at this bake sale included Mincemeat loaf cakes, a Lemon and orange sponge cake, Strawberry ripple cake plus a vegan chocolate cake topped with pecans and dried cranberries and blueberries. 

The vegan cake went down so well that I got asked to make it for someone as their Christmas cake this year.
Of course we can't let December pass without the showing of our Christmas cake. We always have a traditional rich fruit cake with marzipan and icing. This year some of the leftover icing got moulded into snowmen complete with salted caramel Matchmakers for arms.

Have a great couple of days of what is left of 2019 and I'll be back on New Year's Day for another year of Love Cake.

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